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Smart Fortwo (Automatic)
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Smart Сabrio (Automatic)
26€23€20€14€Book Now
Citroen C1 (Automatic)
27€23€21€15€Book Now
Peugeot 207 (Manual)
30€25€23€16€Book Now
VW UP (Automatic)
32€28€25€18€Book Now
Opel Corsa (Automatic)
32€28€25€18€Book Now
Citroen C-Elysee (Manual)
32€28€25€18€Book Now
Skoda Fabia Combi (Manual)
32€28€25€17€Book Now
Skoda Fabia (Manual)
32€28€25€17€Book Now
Hyundai Accent (Automatic)
35€32€28€19€Book Now
VW Polo (Automatic)
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35€32€28€19€Book Now
VW Polo Cross (Automatic)
37€34€28€19€Book Now
VW Polo Sedan (Automatic)
37€34€28€19€Book Now
Toyota Corolla (Manual)
40€35€30€20€Book Now
Toyota Corolla (Automatic)
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45€40€31€21€Book Now
Ford Focus (Automatic)
45€40€30€21€Book Now
VW Golf Variant (Automatic)
49€45€32€25€Book Now
NISSAN Juke (Automatic)
49€45€32€28€Book Now
VW Jetta (Automatic)
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49€45€32€25€Book Now
Skoda Octavia (Automatic)
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50€45€32€25€Book Now
Suzuki Vitara (Automatic)
Lead rental
52€45€35€28€Book Now
Hyundai Sonata (Automatic)
65€60€50€30€Book Now
Nissan Qashqai (Automatic)
65€55€48€38€Book Now
Ford Mondeo (Automatic)
70€60€50€39€Book Now
Ford C-Max Hybrid (Automatic)
70€60€50€40€Book Now
Toyota RAW4 (Automatic)
75€65€55€45€Book Now
Chevrolet Malibu (Automatic)
75€70€60€42€Book Now
VW Tiguan (Automatic)
79€69€59€49€Book Now
Honda CR-V (Automatic)
79€69€59€49€Book Now
Toyota Camry (Automatic)
80€70€60€50€Book Now
Nissan Teana (Automatic)
80€70€60€50€Book Now
VW Touareg (Automatic)
140€125€110€70€Book Now
VW Transporter T6 (Manual)
Lead rental
150€136€110€90€Book Now

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Prices for Car Rental in Ukraine

Contrary to the widespread fears, car rental in Ukraine is an accessible and popular service. It became a true salvation in case of the temporary absence or failure of personal transport vehicle, during organizing the event, providing transportation, or while the shortage of company cars.

Public transport is not the most convenient and not always acceptable option in the conditions of modern pace of life. Basically, it is not even the most economical option, because  an inexpensive car rental may prove to be much more practical.

No need to worry anymore, if the car is at the service station, at the disposal of friends or relatives, if coincidence of circumstances occurred or something unexpected happened. Just contact us, the Ukr-Prokat company will help you to choose a suitable transport vehicle for all life occasions, with any specifications and fit to your budget.

A Cheap Car Rental: Quality and Economy

Advantageous car rental is a combination of reasonable price and high quality, which is offered by our Ukr-Prokat Company. Several key factors affect the final cost:

  • car class and brand;
  • features of specifications;
  • additional services;
  • special conditions, when negotiating time, place, way of returning the car or other details;
  • rental duration.

We have a park of spacious and big-size cars for family and friends, luxury and business cars to solve service issues, compact models for long city trips and lots of other options. Even the most severe and demanding motorist will be able to choose the best solution beneficial for his/her budget.

How to Choose Really Advantageous Car Rental?

When planning to rent a car, you need to determine the basic criteria.

  • Designation. The main criterion for choosing a transport vehicle is its designation. Travelling around the city, trips with family or a large group of people, a big event or meeting important guests – each case requires individual approach.
  • The brand of car. We have a park of cars of different classes, brands and capacity. You can choose a car for your needs or business purposes.
  • External state and the condition of passenger compartment. All the cars provided are clean, neat, without defects of coverage, bumper, headlights, without malfunctions of the appliances and other problems. Regardless of class or brand, a car for rental looks nice and presentable.
  • Technical condition. All the cars undergo regular inspection and control. All systems are properly functioning and safe. A car for rental is available immediately with a full petrol tank.
  • Additional services. By agreement, the car may be equipped with necessary equipment. We also provide services of professional drivers for an extra fee.
  • The cost. The cost for car rental in Ukraine depends on the brand of car, specifications, length of rental and the availability of additional services or special wishes.

Our Ukr-Prokat Company offers cheap car rental of various brands, among which are as follows: Skoda Fabia, Skoda Oktavia A5, Ford Focus, VW Polo, VW Tiguan, VW Touareg and Toyota Camry. We guarantee quality, reasonable prices and favourable terms of cooperation. Contact us to make sure of this on your own and to clarify all the details!

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