Rental Condition

Necessary documents
1. Passport (you should be not younger than 21);
2. Driver’s license (with at least 2 years of driving experience);
3. Credit card.


We only accept credit card as a payment for car rental.We accept Visa and/or MasterCard. We do not accept American Express, Visa Electron and/or Maestro.

With signing a Car Rental Agreement total fee is charged and a deposit amount is blocked on the card.

The fare includes:
– basic insurance;
– 24/7 service support.

Basic insurance is a financial liability of a customer in case of a car accident limited by his franchise.
Franchise is a due amount of customer’s liability within which he is responsible for the rented car damage or theft.

A standard daily fare means 24 hours of car usage. In case the 24h limit is exceeded for more than 59min we charge another full daily fare for each of the following rental days. Minimum car rental period is 24 hours.
When a car is returned earlier than assigned in a Car Rental Agreement we recalculate the final amount to be charged in accordance with valid fares.

A customer’s responsibility
A car damage or theft is limited by a franchise.
We highly recommend return a car after cleaning to optimize any damage fixation.

A deposit depends on a car group. A deposit amount is blocked at the time of signing a Car Rental Agreement and is unblocked when a car is returned, providing all the rental conditions and Car Rental Agreement clauses are kept to. Please pay attention: deposit amount is unblocked within the international bank time frames.

Deposit amount and car groups:

— Skoda Fabia / VW UP/ VW Polo / Ford Fiesta / Citroen C1 / Opel Corsa           — 500€

— Toyota Corolla / VW JETTA / VW Golf / Suzuki Vitara / Nissan Juke                   — 700€

— Nissan Qashqai / Kia SPORTAGE / Toyota RAV4 / Honda CR-V / SEAT Ateca  — 1000€

— VW Touareg / VW Caravelle / Toyota Camry / Audi A6                                         — 2000€

— BMW X5 / Land Cruiser PRADO / LEXUS RX350 / AUDI Q7                             —  3000€

Limit mileage:

The company will rent a car with a limited mileage of 250 km / day. That is for 10 days of hire you have 2500 km included. Fee is 0.1-0.3 EUR per 1 KM over limit. The tariff for the monthly tariff “30+” includes a mileage of 150 KM / day.

You rent a car with a full tank. With the same full tank a car is accepted for return.

Additional service:
1. Child car-seat: 1 day – 5€, maximum for the rental period – 20€;
2. GPS navigation: 1 day – 5€, maximum for the rental period – 20€;
3. Additional driver: 10€ (in case you need a car to be driven by another driver);
4. Car return at out-of-office hours: 15€ (working hours 9:00 – 18:00, Mon-Fri);

5.Delivery / selection of cars in the city 20 €
6. Another city drop-off: cost is additionally calculated by our manager;
7. Car return with no full tank: 1 l – 1.5€;
8. No cross-border rentals.