Rent Ford C-Max Premium Energi Plug-in-Hybrid in Ukraine

The American brand Ford is the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world. In the US market, he firmly holds the third place. The family enterprise remained so for over a hundred years, winning the title of one of the largest companies of this type in the world.

Ford’s public shares have also been always highly quoted on the stock exchange. Not only the company has been actively developing for years but it also has absorbed other well-known brands and corporations. Here, to name a few: Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo.

And there comes an interesting project: Ford C-Max Premium Energi Plug-in-Hybrid. Modest, simple, functional and budget-friendly, this electric car has become much more popular in Europe than in America. This practical, convenient and compact car easily fits even in small streets, does not require significant resources and pleases the sight with its lovely design.

Now electric cars have reached Ukraine, too. Renting Ford C-Max Plug-in-Hybrid is especially popular in Kharkiv, Odesa, Kyiv and other large cities.

Rent Ford C-Max Hybrid in Kharkiv, Odesa, Kyiv

Electric car by Ford is a compact mini van of sorts. It is also available in a hybrid version with a gasoline engine, which delivers even greater efficiency on the roads. Many drivers prefer to rent Ford C-Max Premium Energi Plug-in Hybrid in Ukraine because of this car’s excellent performance on the road.

  • The car accelerates fast, is sensitive and easy to drive;
  • The two engines produce 188 horsepower in total;
  • One charge is enough for 32km drive, while a special mode blocks the thrust of the gasoline engine;
  • Ford C-Max Premium Energi goes smoothly, quietly and quickly;
  • The windshield gives a good viewing angle;
  • Modest in size, the car has enough room for passengers;
  • A high ceiling and large windows are nice additional pluses;
  • Smart security system includes front and side cushions, head cushions, brake assist, stability system, lock protection, traction control, turn signals on the mirrors, four-wheel ABS.

The Ukr-Prokat company offers a reasonable price for rental of Ford C-Max Hybrid in Ukraine.


Does the cost of Ford C-Max Hybrid rental include a full fuel tank?

Yes, a full fuel tank is included in the rental price, but do mind that you also need to return the car with a full tank. All additional services are discussed individually and can be paid from the deposit. The cost of returning a Ford C-Max Hybrid with incomplete tank is calculated at the rate of 1.5 euros per 1 liter.

Can I order delivery of Ford C-Max Hybrid to a specific location?

Yes, Ukr-Prokat offers delivery of Ford C-Max Hybrid to your designated location within the city. Please, ask the manager for details.

What should I do in case of a traffic incident?

If you get into a traffic incident or if you discover any malfunctioning in your Ford C-Max Hybrid, do immediately call a manager at Ukr-Prokat by 24/7 number in the city where the car was rented. In case the car is stolen or damaged, the customer’s liability is limited to the franchise.

Can I go abroad in a rented car?

No, traveling abroad in a rented Ford C-Max Hybrid is prohibited.

Can I smoke in the car?

Sorry, but no, smoking in a rented Ford C-Max Hybrid is not allowed.


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