Rent of Smart Fortwo aut in Lviv

Upon its emergence compact urban smart cars have caused a lot of controversial discussions. But, contrary to criticisms and prejudices, every year, agile, agile and economical cars became more and more popular. Especially – on the loaded streets of large cities.

About a quarter of a century, developers were looking for the optimal concept of a practical car that would not be inferior to more powerful and dimensional models. Finally, they succeeded. Now take Smart aut to rent anyone can.

An unusual shape, coupled with tiny sizes, instantly draw attention. The length of the first generation of smart is only 2.5 meters. Even now, these are small numbers, and at those times there is a breakthrough at all. In the second generation, for the sake of security, they eventually added a pseudo bag that slightly increased the size. Since then the car has practically not changed. Only functional was improved.

Rent of Smart Fortwo automatic: prices, advantages and special features

The popularity of Smart autos is stipulated by the very specific advantages:

  • Original dynamic design that fully reflects the whole concept of a coarse and energetic car;
  • Maneuverability and ease of management due to small size and weight;
  • Comfortable ride thanks to the hard suspension and rear drive;
  • Rapid and safe braking system;
  • Durability and durability of the car;
  • Slow fuel consumption of small-engine engine;
  • Compact dimensions that provide great visibility on the road;
  • Elegant, simple and functional interior.

One of the brightest features of the Smart Series is the security system. First, another body structure with a special high-strength steel frame was used, but such technology was very costly. Gradually, the mechanism was upgraded, and its disadvantages were offset by internal pillows and safety belts, which operate somewhat later than usual. Thus, it was possible to reduce the force of impact when the car bounces off the obstacle.

Subsequently, the design was supplemented by two zones of deformation, which suppress the force of impact. Riding on such a car became as safe as possible even with the most stringent modern tests.

Smart aut is the European quality and reliability, to be sure in which you can independently. To feel all the benefits of an unusual model, you must at least get hit at its wheel.

Advantageous and Fast Car Hire of Smart Fortwo aut in Lviv

Ukr-Prokat Company offers cars for rent in Lviv. We offer:

  • Large and varied fleet for every taste and needs;
  • Regular vehicle inspection and repair of all cars;
  • Flexible rental conditions and favorable prices;
  • Service support and package of additional services;
  • Ability to return the car even during non-working hours or in another city;
  • Individual approach to each client.

The tariff also includes round-the-clock support and basic insurance. The amount of deposit is blocked until the return of the car. Rental costs are calculated taking into account terms and all individual conditions. If the car returns before the deadline, our managers will list the final price in accordance with the tariffs. To get the long awaited Smart aut, it is enough to provide a bank card, passport and driver’s license.


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