Greet Smart in Lviv and Odessa!

An incredible offer appeared in the fleet of  Ukr-Prokat in Lviv and Odessa – Smart Automobile. The compact and economical car, agile and yet powerful enough, it will become an indispensable assistant in all your affairs!

Automatic six-speed transmission, minimum fuel consumption, speed of 140 km / h, availability of all necessary safety systems of the car – all that are the characteristics of the car, which can be at your disposal already tomorrow . Smart corresponds mainly request of nowadays: economize, keeping a high pace of life.

We are pleased to share comments of Marianna Ilkiv – famous lviv singer who first rented Smart in Lviv in Ukr-Prokat company:

“This is a car that is uplifting. Comfortable and extremely easy to drive! It is possible to go to the edge of the world, while using only 4 liters of fuel, it is amazing! Thank the company “Ukr-Prokat” for safety, comfort and great conditions for customers!”

Hurry to to book your rental car Smart today! Number of vehicles is limited.


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