Rent VW Polo in Ukraine

VW’s one of the most popular models is VW Polo. It masterfully mixes simplicity with functionality, elegance with reliability and beauty with practicality. Thanks to such a set of characteristics, the car is in demand all over the world.

The brand’s history began in 1933. Ferdinand Porsche, who was an already well-known designer, was busy creating a simple and affordable city car for every family. For about a year he had been working out the concept and creating the first prototypes. Due to the most strict requirements, testing took several years.

The first brand car entered mass production only in 1937. But it quickly created a hype, and so within just a year, the company could significantly increase production numbers. New factories and working shops were built. Even a satellite town was built around. The main office of the company is still located in Wolfsburg.

The war messed with the game, but a minute and cheap “bug” helped recover after it quickly. Over time, the model range expanded, and the corporation was again gaining popularity until it finally reached modern level.

Today in Ukraine VW Polo rental is especially popular in Kharkiv, Odesa, Kyiv and other large cities.

Volkswagen Polo car rent in Kharkiv, Odesa, Kyiv

Many drivers choose in favor of renting VW Polo in Ukraine because this car is fantastic on city roads.

  • Initially VW Polo was produced in several variations. All of them were united by simple, laconic design, comfortable interior and high power.
  • The cabin is fully adapted to the needs of the driver and passengers. All seats are adjustable. There are various compartments, stands and niches. All the necessary things can be easily fit in the trunk.
  • The automatic box is equipped with sports mode. It simplifies control of the car, makes it more responsive, reduces fuel consumption, and independently chooses the best moment for gear switch.
  • The powerful engine of the cult model quickly accelerates and brakes easily.
  • High-quality soundproofing provides excellent noise absorption even at high speed. It’s always quiet inside.

Rent VW Polo in Ukraine at the Ukr-Prokat company offering affordable price.


Does the cost of VW Polo rental include a full fuel tank?

Yes, a full fuel tank is included in the rental price, but do mind that you also need to return the car with a full tank. All additional services are discussed individually and can be paid from the deposit. The cost of returning a VW Polo with incomplete tank is calculated at the rate of 1.5 euros per 1 liter.

Can I order delivery of VW Polo to a specific location?

Yes, Ukr-Prokat offers delivery of VW Polo to your designated location within the city. Please, ask the manager for details.

What should I do in case of a traffic incident?

If you get into a traffic incident or if you discover any malfunctioning in your VW Polo, do immediately call a manager at Ukr-Prokat by 24/7 number in the city where the car was rented. In case the car is stolen or damaged, the customer’s liability is limited to the franchise.

Can I go abroad in a rented car?

No, traveling abroad in a rented VW Polo is prohibited.

Can I smoke in the car?

Sorry, but no, smoking in a rented VW Polo is not allowed.


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