Do you know that there are about two hundred light bulbs in one car? Those are exterior and interior lighting, instrument panel lights, all kinds of indicators. But if minor problems could be tolerated, the malfunction of high and low beam lights, along with fog lights might lead to road accidents.

Manufacturers use three main types of car lamps: LED, halogen and xenon ones. But how do they differ? Let’s study them step by step!

Halogen lamps

Halogen lamps in the car are a kind of modification of conventional incandescent lamps. They were the first that were used.  Inside of it there is a tungsten spiral that heats to an extremely high temperature.


  • A wide range of models and capacities;
  • High quality even in bad weather or on wet asphalt;
  • Low price;
  • Rather low level of energy consumption.


  • Short operational life;
  • Heats up to high temperatures;
  • Sensitivity to vibration;
  • The luminous flux is less intense and high-quality than in other types of lamps.

Due to the overheating of the halogen lamp, the diffuser and reflector gradually deteriorate. They just melt and become unusable. But they are still used because of a big variety and affordable price.

Xenon lamps

Xenon lamps are the next generation of halogen lamps. Instead of filament, ionized gas gives light. Its chemical consistency affects the temperature and spectrum of the glow.


  • You can choose the temperature of light that will suit your preferences;
  • It could be used for up to 4 thousand hours;
  • Such lamps do not overheat and are not afraid of vibration;
  • The light of xenon is very bright.


  • High price;
  • Xenon cannot be used in fog lights;
  • High energy consumption;
  • Additional energy converters have to be installed.

The bright and strong flux of light also has its drawback. Such lamps must be carefully adjusted so as not to blind the drivers on the other lane.

LED Lamps

LED lamps are the most modern option. Initially, they were used in everyday life, but soon the development was evaluated by automakers. For a long time, the LEDs were installed only in salons or for side lights. But now, they are also used for headlights.


  • Low level of energy consumption, much lower than in other kinds of lights;
  • Wide variety of the temperature of lightning;
  • Durability in usage;
  • Absence in the spectrum of UV rays;
  • Resistance to vibration.


  • High price
  • Shorter beam of light
  • Less scattering range;
  • Older models may blind other drivers.

Although they have a lot of advantages, LEDs are not very effective when driving fast on unpaved roads. On wet asphalt, they are worse than halogen lights.

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