There are different situations , but sometimes there is simply no choice, so you have to spend the night in the car. Of course, this is not the best option, but you can even try to improve it. We at Ukr-Prokat in Odessa have learned how to organize it as safely and conveniently as possible, and we share the secrets.

  1. Pillow and blanket.  Nowadays, there are inflatable car cushions and compact fleece blankets. All these will be very useful, even if you have to sleep in a driver’s seat. Your neck will definitely be grateful to you in the morning, you won’t even have to freeze. In winter it is better to take a good but light sleeping bag.
  2. Window protection. If you assume that you will have to sleep in the car, take a thin cloth to protect the windows. This will help to hide from the first rays of the sun, prying eyes and in general will make the situation more comfortable. And if you want to open a window, fabric or even a simple gauze will protect against insects.
  3. Airing. Be sure to have good ventilation in the salon, otherwise in the morning you will hardly wake up and have a buzzing head. In addition, due to respiration and temperature differences, the windows will be covered with condensate. So if possible, windows should be a bit open.
  4. Flashlight. Each cardriver  should have a flashlight, because it is unknown what the situation will be like. Check that the batteries and light bulb are in good condition. Be sure to keep it next to you when you go to bed so that you can quickly orient yourself even in an emergency.
  5. Parking space. Choose a parking space as carefully as possible if you plan to take a nap. It must be allowed and safe. And if possible, not too noisy. It is good if there is a petrol station with a toilet nearby and maybe even a shower. Note that the picture outside the window at night may be different from the day. You will probably be uncomfortable in the middle of an empty road or in the parking lot of an industrial area. Equipped parking or parking for trucks is best.
  6. Seat. You are lucky if you can open the seats in the horizontal position, you have an almost normal bed. If not, move the seat as far as possible, remove the luggage compartment, seat belts and other small items. If possible, level the base with clothes rollers and other soft things. By the way, there are air mattresses specifically for cars. They can be different – for the whole seat or to close the space between the rows of chairs.
  7. Warmth. If you spend the night in the car in the cold season, remember that leaving the heater with the engine running is simply dangerous. There are special catalytic and salt heaters that retain heat well. And for a short time, even bottles of warm water will be good enough. We also recommend getting thermal underwear in advance.
  8. Engine. It is worth mentioning this issue once again. If you spend the night in the car, start the engine only as a last resort. Your most dangerous enemy is not accidental passers-by, but exhaust gases. One way or another, they will gradually accumulate in a car.

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