If you want your car to serve for years, it is necessary to be cared for.  Even experienced owners have questions and difficulties, not to mention beginners. So we share useful secrets and life hacks from Ukr-Prokat Kharkiv!

  1. Check the tire pressure. If it is too low, the rubber wears out faster. And then the risk of accidents increases and costs increase. It is also impossible for it to be too high. To measure its pressure it is just enough to use a fairly conventional low-cost pressure gauge and information on the optimal value for your brand of tires.
  2. Check the brakes. Defective brakes are one of the main causes of road accidents. Like any mechanism, they wear out, so it is important to monitor them regularly so as not to suddenly detect a breakdown right on the road. Don’t wait until they start to creak. It’s just dangerous. Examine their condition especially carefully if you notice a delay between pressing the pedal and stopping the vehicle.
  3. Do not use a car with a minimum of patrol. Of course, there might be different situations and it’s okay if you have to get to the petrol station with an almost empty tank. But you do not need to do this constantly, because it wears out the fuel pump. It just burns out because it’s running at full speed. It is better that the amount of patrol in the tank is always more than 25%.
  4. Follow the indicators. When you are behind the wheel every day, all signal beacons become habitual. So you can really overlook important information. Make it a habit to check all the data on the panel every time you get behind the wheel. And pay special attention to the engine check indicator.
  5. Change the technical oil. Not only fuel needs to be changed regularly. Oil consumption is not so obvious, but nevertheless it provides smooth, stable and safe operation of the vehicle. Engine oil is a lubricant that prevents excessive friction between the active elements of the engine. If it is not enough, the parts of the car overheat and wear out.
  6. Maintain the radiator. It is there so that the car  does not overheat and freeze. If it wears out, or the fluid inside loses efficiency, the engine temperature changes. This is also the way to break down.
  7. Wash the bottom. Everyone washes the car from above so that it is beautiful and neat. But we must not forget about the bottom, because that’s the place where there is all the dirt and debris from the road. Despite all the tricks of the developers, no one has yet been able to completely solve this problem. Dust, dirt and sand accumulate on the moving parts of the car and lead to breakage. It is enough to wash the bottom with a hose at least once a month.
  8. Take care of the headlights. Be sure to clean the surface from dust and stains every time you wash the glass. This is convenient because the same materials are suitable. And make sure the lights are working, because it’s a safety issue again. It is best to check the headlights with an assistant who will tell you if everything is OK while you turn them on alternately and together.

And if you do not want to spend time on car maintenance, you may  rent the car! Choose one of the cars in the fleet “Ukr-Prokat”, and we will take care of all the nuances for you!

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