There is a wide known thought that a small child and car travel cannot coexist. However, everything is not as scary as it seems at first glance, if you approach the question wisely and prepare in advance than even long distance routes will bring you a lot of new emotions and warm memories.

When can you start  traveling with your baby on board?

Experts are convinced that if the baby is healthy and there are no contraindications there are practically no age restrictions for taking the baby with you. But you should keep in mind the rhythm of your baby’s life at this time.

  • With babies it is worth having just small distance travels. On the one hand, they are the most unpretentious and predictable passengers. Most of the time the baby sleeps and does not require much attention. On the other hand, if something goes wrong, it will be more difficult to resolve the situation. The first trip is always full of worries: how a baby will behaves during the road, feel in general and whether or not he or she will be frightened.
  • One-two year old toddlers  are more difficult than babies. They cannot walk at  this period of life, but they already require space, they want to play, listen to tales and make fun. They need less sleep and can easily be woken up. At this age, it is also recommended to have short distance travels with them.
  • 2-4 year old children are very curious and active. On the one hand, the baby will love and be interested in the road itself. On the other hand, you need to play some games during the trip to keep them enternained.
  • Children from 4 years old are practically no hassle, and from 7 and up are it is quite possible to overcome even long distances with them, if the trip will be comfortable and exciting

For and Against Reasons of Road Trips with children

To determine if you are ready for this journey, you should put prioritize. Advantages of road trips:

  • Significant cost savings, especially when going abroad;
  • Flexibility on your way and ability to change it depending on the circumstances;
  • Independence from airline and transport carrier requirements concerning the size and luggage content;
  • Ability to see a large quantity of interesting and exiting places;
  • The opportunity to reach the most remote places, where it is impossible to get to by public transport;
  • No need to worry that the child will disturb the other people or vice versa;
  • You can stop at any time and take a break right during your way

However, the disadvantages should not be neglected as well:

  • Traffic jams, road repairs, borders are all delays that cannot be foreseen;
  • You will need to carefully plan where to stop for nights, make stops during your trip and where to relax.
  • Increased responsibility for a child is a constant moral strain for a lot of parents;
  • Physical fatigue of both adults and toddlers can spoil the impression;
  • According to statistics, airplanes and trains are considered to be safer transport than buses and cars.

What else should be considered before your trip? 

First of all, you should choose a comfortable car seat that is of high quality. Start your travel adventures from short trips out of the city rather than hours-long trips around the country. Talk to your baby, capture it with adventures.

Keep in mind that even a short road trip can provoke poor sleep, appetite, and poor health. Follow this. Make stops for short walks as often as possible

Set off early in the morning so that most of the time the baby kept sleeping. And don’t plan too long night trips.

Only refuel with quality patrol at proven patrol stations. Check the filters and the air conditioner beforehand. Avoid harsh flavors and heavy fatty foods. And during the stops, ventilate the entire salon.

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