Bukovel is rather known as a ski resort, the largest and the most interesting in Ukraine. But these are not all of its advantages  Bukovel is also beautiful in summer. After all, despite the season the amazing beauty of the Carpathian nature is not fading. And summer is a wonderful time for excursions, mountain extreme, hiking and water sports.

What to do in summer Bukovel?

There are even more interesting options for entertainment  in warm season than in winter.

  • Excursions and hiking. The choice of where to go in Bukovel is so huge that one summer is not enough. Among the first and the main attractions of the region – Hoverla, Dovbush rocks, Hutsul village, nature reserve “Davniy Halych (Ancient Halych)”, Yaremche, Kolomyia and Verkhovyna. And for cycling lovers there is a number of proven routes.
  • Water activities. First of all, it is swimming in lakes. There are two lakes here: Male (Small) and Velyke (Large). The second is also called the lake of Molodosti (Youth). There are equipped beaches with jet skis, boats and other entertainment. You can go diving, flysurfing or sport fishing. Rafting on the mountain rivers is also popular in the Carpathians.
  • Mountains and climbing walls. Mountains is the main reason to go to the Carpathians. Here you can conquer new peaks and try your hand at climbing. For experienced thrill-seekers there are specially equipped lifts, and for beginners – training climbing walls with instructors.
  • Horseback riding. A walk through the forest on a horse is always an unforgettable experience. And on horse bases you can learn the basics of riding.
  • Tubs and SPA complexes. Huge hot tubs are waiting for fans of relaxation. In combination with pleasant and useful SPA procedures, it is a great way to keep your body in shape, improve your health and cheer up.
  • Entertainment for companies. The choice is endless here: theme parties, sports games, paintball, etc.
  • Concerts and cultural program. Bukovel is a resort, known far beyond Ukraine. Ukrainian and foreign celebrities often come here. They go on vacation, and with concerts and shows.

Other advantages of Bukovel in summer

A variety of leisure-not the only advantage of summer holiday in Bukovel. There are other nuances:

  • Nevertheless Bukovel is known as a ski resort. And this is an advantage for travelers. Summer prices are usually lower than winter and the influx of tourists is less.
  • In warm season there are more different activities. Therefore, you can choose a comfortable pace of rest. In winter, everything is organized around active sports. In summer the program varies from backpacking and extreme rafting to measured relaxation on the beach or a leisurely walk through the woods.
  • Healing air, rich flora and clean water have a beneficial effect on health. This is especially useful for the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

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