Colorful Odesa loves holidays, festivities and having fun. No wonder, since Christmas is a special occasion. The fact that winters in Odesa are quite warm and mild should not be neglected, so you can safely walk along the streets and really enjoy your time. Therefore, we at Ukr-Prokat found out how to celebrate this holiday in 2021.

Duma Square

Duma Square has been filled with a festive atmosphere since mid-December. That is the place where the main city Christmas tree is, and the main festivities take place. The air smells of pine needles and tangerines, there is plenty of wine, and shop windows sparkle with colorful lights. Fireworks are often set off, and fun events with a peculiar so called Odesa flavor take place. What is worth mentioning is a bike ride of Santa Clauses. Fairs, concerts, food courts and many more things are waiting for you on Duma.

Unusual exhibitions and events take place on Deribasovskaya street as well as in the courtyards and on all the most popular streets. That is the thing that was not common in the past.  You may see there even an exhibition of gingerbread houses that could be bought on the spot! Besides you may buy a variety of souvenirs and gifts.

Christmas on the roof

Whether you are planning a romantic date or a noisy  party for the company you may spend it on the roof. In Odesa, this is a very popular entertainment, in particular, because of the beauty and specifics of the old city. You can have a kind of tour of the open roofs yourself or contact the organizers, who will take care of the atmosphere, decorations and festive table.

Christmas by the winter sea

A special pleasure that can take place just in Odessa is Christmas by the sea. Be sure to walk along the festive Primorsky Boulevard and go down to the seaport on the legendary Potemkin Stairs. Just dress warmer, because the water is especially cold and frosty in  winter. Take a deep breath and enjoy watching the ships in the shining lights.

And then go for a walk along the promenades, enjoy the cozy and calm atmosphere. And if you are lucky, you may be able to see the frozen sea near the shore, which is a really unforgettable thing. If you are not afraid of the cold you can even be brave enough to try diving. Of course, this is a tradition at Epiphany, but who can forbid you?

Christmas in the sauna

Have never thought about it? That is the perfect idea right after your walk by the winter sea, where despite being beautiful, it might be quite damp and frosty. Rent an entire house with a sauna, switch on a Christmas playlist, pick up your favorite wine and snacks  and enjoy your time. And then you can have a pajama party.

Restaurants and bars

Because Odesa loves holidays and knows how to celebrate them, most restaurants and bars will definitely have their own Christmas programs. Choose an event and entertainment program that you personally like. Everyone will be satisfied: from fans of balls with a strict dress code to fans of  modern hip-hop. Carnivals, masquerades, everything that the soul desires. There are just a few places in Ukraine where you can find such a variety of formats.

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