You don’t have to travel far to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Wonderful ski resorts are right here in Ukraine. We at Ukr-Prokat have prepared a selection of the best of them for you!

  1. Bukovel. Undoubtedly, the most popular option, which has not needed advertising for a long time. In addition to quality ski slopes with all the infrastructure, there is a wonderful spa and many types of alternative leisure activities, regardless of the season. People go to Bukovel not only from all over Ukraine but also from abroad. There is a ski school, training trails, and challenging professional routes. There are also many housing options. The total length of the trails is more than 50 km. Even in the snowless winter, they are equipped with special snowguns, so the weather will not interfere with your rest. And thanks to good lighting you can ride even at night.
  2. Dragobrat. It is the highest ski resort in Ukraine and a fabulous monument of Transcarpathia. The adventure will begin immediately when climbing up. Dragobrat will appeal to fans of extreme sports and those who are not afraid of natural obstacles. The base itself is well equipped. There are separate complexes, chair, and tow lifts, multi lifts and everything you need. There are tracks for both beginners and professional athletes. There is more snow on Dragobrat and it lasts longer than in other places. There are 16 trails up to 2 km long. There are ski springboards and places for freestyle.
  3. Slavske. An excellent alternative to Bukovel and a real find for history lovers. In fact, the village is several hundred years old, and once Polish nobles came here to recuperate and rest. Slavske is a great choice for a holiday with children. Also here are ideal conditions for beginners who are just learning to ski. There are a total of 12 trails of varying difficulty, as well as restaurants, bars, discos, bowling and more.
  4. Pylypets. The ski resort is right next to many interesting places and attractions. It is near the waterfall Shipit. This is an inexpensive and versatile resort, where there are trails for beginners.
  5. Krasiya. Base Krasiya is loved by athletes, and competitions are often held here. There are also sports camps. In addition to skiers, snowboarders come here to enjoy the local freeride slopes. There are interesting two- and even four-chair cable cars. There is a ski school for beginners.
  6. Yablunytsia. It is difficult to find a better resort for a family winter vacation. If you dream of your children learning to ski, this is exactly the place for you! Yablunytsia has many trails for beginners and as many as five convenient ski lifts.
  7. Verkhovyna. The village of Verkhovyna is located in the heart of the Carpathians. This is another good budget alternative for beginners. The most interesting route of medium difficulty is located near Mount Pushkar. Snow is kept here from December to March, but there is no artificial snow. The village is located directly on the territory of the Carpathian National Nature Park. It is close to Hoverla. For beginners, there are multi lifts and snow tubing.
  8. Tysovets. The ski resort of Lviv region became famous as a center of winter sports. There is great air, different slopes and many opportunities for beginners and experienced skiers.

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