In order to satisfy the needs of all drivers,  the car manufacturers produce the same make of car in different variants. Besides, there could be also several modifications of car body.

Here is the list of the possible options:

  • Sedan. The most common car modification with a closed body, four doors and a separate trunk.
  • Station Wagon. If in a sedan the luggage compartment is separated from the interior, then in this type of car  they are united. The roof on it is extended to the rear edge. Some manufacturers call the station wagon cars in their own way: combi, wagon, variant, touring, avant, etc.
  • Hatchback. In the hatchback there can be installed  one or two rows of seats. Also, there are additional doors at the back of the car. The rear overhang of such cars is shorter than that of a sedan or station wagon.
  • Liftback. This is a less common modification. From the outside, it may resemble both a hatchback and a sedan. In fact, it is an intermediate option. The trunk lid protrudes more than the hatchback, but not as much as in  the sedan.
  • Limousine. The driver’s seat is separated from the cabin by a partition or glass. The outline of the car resembles the one of a very long sedan.
  • SUV. A large car with a different suspension design and increased ground clearance. Its main feature  is increased cross country. However, at the same time on flat city roads it is less effective.
  • Crossover. Actually, it is an off-road hatchback. A more versatile model for both city and country trips. The ground clearance is increased but not as much as in a full-size SUV. It can be both with all-wheel drive or without it.
  • Stretch. The closed body is enlarged by inserting an additional section between the front and rear of the cabin. This is an elongated model.
  • Coupe. In a compartment there are usually two doors and one/rarely two rows of seats. The trunk is separated from the cabin, but there are no additional doors behind it.
  • Cabriolet. It is the same as the coupe car, only with the roof that folds down. It can have soft textile or hard folding.
  • Roadster. Rare two-passenger sport body with or without rigid roof.
  • Targa. It is the variation of Roadster car but with a removable roof section. It is one more sport vehicle.
  • Pickup. A car with one or two rows of seats and an open luggage compartment. Pickups are widely used for commercial purposes or for frequent trips to the city.
  • Van. It has one or two rows of seats and a large and spacious cargo bay behind a rigid partition. It is another commercial-oriented modification.
  • Minivan. The minivan differs from the van in the first place by the number of passenger seats that is usually in three to four rows. It also has increased interior and luggage space. In fact, it is a compact minibus. The difference is that a minibus can hold more passengers (up to 16).

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