Every year thousands of romantic couples wonder how and where to spend Valentine’s Day in Kyiv. Surely it must be planned in advance so that nothing would not go wrong at the last moment and the most interesting events would not be inaccessible.

Here there are only some variants:

 – The most simple but  unexceptionally traditional variant – movie. It does not require expenses and investments, it may be easily combined with any other leisure. Movie also saves us when it rains or snows outside. In February cinema program always includes lots of movies about love and various thematic showings.

 – There are enough romantic restaurants in Kyiv. Lots of them have special dinners and sometimes one can rent the whole restaurant hall. Night clubs offer special festive programs, in the bars often there are discounts, various contests for pairs of sweethearts are held everywhere.

 – Special place on Valentine’s day in Kyiv – place for kissing on foot-bridge that lies above Maidan Nezalezhnosti. The place with romantic and picturesque view was designed by Jerzy Konopie, the artist of the street-art. It is considered to be happy for pairs of sweethearts.

 – Those who are tired of cold but does not have a chance to travel to southern skies, waterpark will be an ideal variant then. Warm and exiting, vibrant rest in swimming suits – this is what is needed in the cold winter.

 – There are ski complexes for fans of mixing romance with active leisure. It is not even necessary to go to the Carpathians for this. Several centers for skiing or snowboarding could be founded in the surroundings of Kiev. It is enough to pack up and to take a car.

 – An alternative of the same level – entertainment complexes that are scattered around the city. It is possible to spend an unforgettable time at the attractions, getting new bright emotions.

 – Spa centers, bases, country house hotels – all this ensures maximum relaxation and romance. Here you can completely forget about the surrounding world, and enjoy the company of each other. And pleasant procedures at the same time: massage, swimming pool, spa, riding, active outdoor activities.

 – In Kiev itself, not including more obvious places, make sure to look at the winter Vozdvyzhenka. The bright and colorful area looks particularly attractive in the snow, and its silence gives a sense of seclusion and tranquility.

 – One of the less famous memorials is the Wall of Confessions on the Yaroslaviv Val street. The wall of one of the old houses is decorated with numerous confessions, which are written by lovers. Here there are the poems, quotations and letters. The most highlighted are “Letters to the Wall” by Brodskyi, written with the capital letters. Here you can also leave your own confessions in feelings that is especially symbolic on Valentine’s Day.

 – Those who wants activity and something new, you can set off to highlight tour over surroundings or the nearest cities. Each has in his/her plans something he /she did not have time before. Why not to mix useful and the nice.

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