Nowadays it is rather difficult to understand how to spend your leisure time during the New Year and Christmas holidays. But even in the current difficult situation, you can not completely give up having a rest. That is the reason why we at Ukr-Prokat tried to figure out how and where to celebrate Christmas 2021 in Kyiv.

St. Sophia Square and the main Christmas tree

There is good news. There will be a Christmas tree! This year it will be artificial for the first time. But it is height is about 30 meters, and it is planned to be used up to 20 km of garlands and decorations. So it will be definitely beautiful! Besides, there will be fabulous photo areas with your favorite characters.

However, this year they decided to cancel the concerts. But the music will be still present at the festivities, just this time in the background. There will also be a food court with food and drinks to take away! So, despite some limitations, have fun, relax and take festive Christmas photos.

Open skating rinks

It is already getting colder, so you can safely wait for the opening of the rinks. There are usually several of them in Kyiv in wintertime. One of the most popular skating rinks has been opened in Podil for several years. It is located right next to the Kontraktova Square metro station. Problems with toilets and lockers were compensated by unlimited skating and the presence of street food courts nearby. And, of course, the beauty of nature there can not be underestimated as well.

The big and beautiful skating rink is also traditionally at VDNH, and it is considered to be one of the most atmospheric in Kyiv. The biggest part of the central area of ​​the Expocenter is given for the skating rink. You will not have to worry about the lockers there. Besides, there will be a possibility to enjoy your time since there is always something interesting and exciting taking place.

On Demiivska Square, there is a large and spacious Roshen skating rink. By the way, it is considered to be one of the largest in Ukraine and has immediately become popular after its opening. Skating is unlimited there. There are lights, the possibility to rent skates, food court and other nice little things.

Besides, It is worth mentioning other small ice rinks in different parts of the city and residential areas.

A walk along Khreshchatyk

A Christmas walk on Khreshchatyk is always something special. Do not miss the chance to have look in every nook of this famous street. You will not regret it! Good lighting, wine, fragrant coffee, and plenty of like-minded people will definitely lift your mood up. And if you get cold, just turn to Prorizna street right between the houses. It is always warmer and not so windy there, and at the same time, you can walk to the Golden Gate. And from there, you may walk for a stroll through Yaroslaviv Val and Landscape Alley directly to Podil.

Country trips

Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to have long trips this winter. So it’s time to look at the Kyiv region from another angle! For example, in the Obukhov direction, there is a theme park Kyiv Rus. During the holidays there are taking place big events for children, adults, and the whole family.

The ethnographic complex “Ukrainian Village” is located in the Zhytomyr direction. There are old houses, pristine snow, magical lighting, and parties in the Ukrainian style. There are several recreation centers along the Kyiv Sea. So, you can choose one of them. Basically, there is not a very rich entertainment program, but it is compensated by the beauty of nature.

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