Winter is coming, and it’s high time to plan the New Year. Fortunately, Ukraine has got plenty of places where it can be celebrated in a fun and interesting way! Especially for you, we at Ukr-Prokat have collected a small selection of options!

  1. The Carpathians. If you dream of a traditional New Year with a bright national flavor, you should go to the Carpathians without hesitation. But we would recommend you not stay in the most popular hotels, but  go to colorful villages, such as Vorokhta or Verkhovyna. Bukovel is waiting for fans of active recreation and ski resorts. In addition, you have at your disposal thermal springs, tours of the cheese factory, wonderful homemade dishes of Western cuisine, and other pleasant things.
  2. Schonborn Castle. If you dream of celebrating in a real palace, go to Chinadiyevo to Schonborn Castle. Usually, you can even stay here for the night. There is a sanatorium on-site, so the original interiors are not there anymore. However, the castle itself and the surrounding area are  amazing.
  3. Radomyshl Castle. The private museum complex in Radomyshl has recently undergone a global renovation. Now you can immerse yourself in a fairy tale just two hours drive from Kyiv. The hotel is located on the territory of the monument.
  4. Kamenets-Podolsky Castle. Another interesting option for lovers of historical monuments. On the eve of the New Year there are always many interesting events: knight tournaments, shooting ranges, performances. A fragrant spiced wine could be tasted there as well.
  5. Dykanka. Dykanka’s fascinating story has long been associated with the Christmas holidays. That is thanks to Gogol and his mystical work. So why not see it for the New Year with your own eyes? Dykanka is located in the Poltava region, and without exaggeration, it is one of the most popular Ukrainian villages. Every corner here is full of beliefs and legends. For instance,  the Mukolay church of the 18th century in which the young lady was buried is incredibly popular. Besides, there is the  Trinity Church, where the blacksmith Vakula depicted the devil.
  6. Lviv. Christmas Lviv is a classic. The most beautiful and brightest New Year’s fairs and festivals are held here. The city is literally entwined with festive lights, the Verteps walk along the streets, and the numerous bars and restaurants offer special programs and menus.
  7. Transcarpathia. Romantic Uzhhorod, colorful Mukachevo, and excursions to the winter mountains are waiting for you. You can take part in real rites during such holidays as St. Basil’s, Epiphany, or Christmas. And then go to warm yourself up in the healing vats.
  8. Odessa. The winter sea is a special sight and a must-see. Odessa is famous for its active life and variety of events, and by the New Year, you will fully enjoy it. There is definitely leisure for every taste!
  9. Pyrohovo. If you want something closer to the capital, Christmas festivities in Pirogovo is a perfect choice. Every corner of the open-air museum breathes with the history, and this is perfectly complemented by the mystical ceremonies in the church of St. Michael the Archangel.
  10. Kosyno.  If you dream of a relaxed New Year’s holiday, then a spa complex with a thermal spring is at your service. Healing water, good service, good food, banquet, 8 pools, and spa treatments for every taste. That is all that you dream about!

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