In summer, the opportunities for travelers in Ukraine are almost limitless. Our country can surprise both beginners and experienced adventurers! So take the car and feel free to enjoy it!

  1. Kyiv impresses with a variety of attractions and entertainment. Theaters, concerts, festivals, and exhibitions. Life is bustling in the capital every day, so even during a spontaneous trip, you will find something to do!
  2. Summer Odessa is first of all associated with its unique color, and only then  the sea! Odessa is the Opera House, the noisy Privoz, the mysterious catacombs, and always busy day and night seaport.
  3. Lviv is the city of coffee, chocolate, and a huge historical heritage. There is a mixture of cultures, religions, traditions, and even languages. Be sure to visit the surrounding castles and enjoy your dinner in the colorful themed bars and restaurants!
  4. Kamenets-Podolsky is famous for its fortress and balloon festival. You can drive to another fortress known throughout Ukraine that is  Khotyn. And for fans of extreme experiences, there is a cave nearby and an excellent place for climbing.
  5. Uzhhorod attracts with its own historical heritage and amazing surroundings. Within a few hours by car, you can explore ancient castles and fortresses. Be sure to check out the colorful Mukachevo!
  6. Chernivtsi is an incredibly romantic city with the same touching and romantic architecture. Enjoy the harmony of the ensembles of the Central and Theater Squares! And Chernivtsi University is the real pride of Ukraine.
  7. In Zaporizhzhia, there is the same legendary Khortytsia, which everyone knows about, but not everyone visited. You will be greeted by an authentic Cossack hamlet, amazing nature, and lots of museums!
  8. Truskavets is a legendary resort with springs of healing mineral waters. There is a calm atmosphere and a lot of people come here mainly for treatment and rehabilitation. If you have a real car tour around Ukraine, you can rest for a few days there.
  9. It is not very convenient to get to Shatsky lakes by public transport. However, it is perfect to go there by car! There are plenty of campsites and recreation centers with houses. A great choice for relaxing with the whole family or a large company!
  10. Kinburn Spit is perfect if you want to go by car with tents somewhere away from civilization. This is a protected area and a really gorgeous place to get distracted from the hustle and bustle of the city life and be united with nature.
  11. Dzharilgach is the largest uninhabited island in the Black Sea! You will not be able to get directly to the reserve, so go to Skadovsk, and look for a station with ferries there You will get there about 40 km of almost pristine beach surrounded by wildlife!
  12. Migiya is another little-known place for fans of extreme sports. Here you can relax on the shores of the stormy Southern Bug river. If you like to drive and extreme you should definitely try going along the waters of this river.

Traveling in your own car is not always convenient. City cars are not designed for off-road routes, may not have enough capacity, trunk volume, or equipment. In this case, the entire fleet of Ukr-Prokat in Kyiv is right here to help you!

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