Lutsk, like most cities in Western Ukraine, attracts plenty of tourists with its interesting historical heritage and unusual monuments. Although it is relatively small, we will tell you at least 5 reasons to visit it!

1.Old Lutsk

Tourists, who love history and ancient cities, should definitely visit Stary Lutsk. This is the name of the historical and cultural reserve, where you will find a lot of interesting attractions. Particularly impressive are the churches and religious buildings such as the Lutheran Church, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, the Church of the Intercession, and that is not the whole list of places. By the way, this is where the Kosachs’ house is located, where Lesya Ukrainka was born and lived.

It is recommended to visit Lubart’s Castle. The monumental building has become a symbol of the city, and it can be seen on a 200 hryvnia note. About ten years ago it was recognized as one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. The castle named after the Lithuanian prince began to be built in the fourteenth century. It is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the biggest and best-preserved in Ukraine.

2.Lake Svityaz

If you have already arrived in Lutsk, you should definitely see Lake Svityaz. To make it faster and more convenient for you, we will select the appropriate car in the fleet “Ukr-Prokat”. This is the largest lake in Ukraine, which impresses with its crystal clear water and picturesque landscapes. In recent years, the service of staying there became even better, so in Svityaz you can relax either with a tent, in a nearby village, or in complexes with full infrastructure.


You should go to the village Hirka Polonka near Lutsk at least to take a photo against the background of Hollywood. Yes, here is a small copy of the original American inscription. Well, how small… The height of the letters Hollywood is about 3 meters. They were installed for fun a few years ago, and the entertainment was really loved by citizens and guests.

4.Lutsk Zoo

The global reconstruction of the Lutsk Zoo ended a few years ago. Now it is a wonderful rehabilitation center for animals that can finally feel comfortable and safe. And at the entrance, you can even buy some special food for zoo pets.

5.Festivals and events

Not everyone knows, but Lutsk is famous for constant events. Here is the annual three-day Banderstadt with concerts from morning till night, and the exciting “Night at Lutsk Castle” each time with a new program. Lovers of folklore and national flavor must visit the “Polish Summer”, and for fans of gastronomic tourism on the territory of Lubart Castle, there are held regular food festivals.

6.Lutsk “House of Chimeras”

The unusual monument has nothing to do with Gorodetsky’s work in Kyiv, except for its bizarre appearance. Lutsk sculptor Mykola Holovan was so fascinated by unusual sculptures about forty years ago that the house turned into a real museum. Nowadays it has about five hundred such “exhibits.” Golovan himself does not particularly approve of the gloomy mystical stories with which the townspeople surrounded the house, but his creation unconditionally deserves attention.

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