Driving confidence is one of the top secrets of road safety. The more quietly and rationally you drive the car, the lower the risk of accidents is. That is why it is so important for novice drivers to get used to the new role as soon as possible.

We offer some simple tips to help you deal with your worries.

  1. Say “No” to expensive cars. In the first months of driving or after a long break you will not have enough experience, confidence and speed to react quickly in any road situation. Therefore, minimal damage and problems are not excluded. That is a normal process. Do not rush to get behind the wheel of an expensive foreign car: pay attention to simple budget models or used cars. Moreover, the newer the car, the more difficult it is for a newcomer to get used to its systems. It is much better to first learn basic skills and then to find alternatives.  If you want your car to be in order, you have to check it on the car service. Remember, that the car should be a handy tool, not a sacred cow. Otherwise what’s the point in it?
  1. Choose short and easy routes. If you have very little experience, have not driven a car for a long time, got behind the wheel of a new car for the first time or came to another city, it is better not rush to arrange sightseeing excursion. First of all, study some simple routes, preferably not the busiest sections and not during the rush hour. A familiar route always adds up confidence. Step by step and you will feel ready to drive everywhere.
  1. Always stay calm. Real traffic situations are different from illustrations in books and those that were shown during your driving classes. All drivers behave differently and circumstances change every second. Of course, you should not ignore the basic rules that you were told at your driving courses. But the main thing is that you should keep calm and make decision what to do based on each situation. Observing other more experienced drivers will also partially help you.
  2. Non-verbal communication. There are always rules of communication on the road. These are various non-verbal signs: sound and light signals, gestures. Get familiar with them in advance and notice how other car drivers use them. This will help you to navigate your way through any situation and feel yourself more confident.
  3. Valuable judgments. Don’t rush to take someone else’s criticism, thoughts, or recommendations too close. If any action by a more experienced driver makes you feel fear, it is better not to rush to repeat it. Confidence in maneuvers will come later. Also, do not respond to unfounded criticism. Remember, no one is born a great and experienced rider. Everything takes time, practice and experience.

If you do not want to worry about the technical details of the trip, please contact us. You will not need to think about the condition or equipment of the car, but at the same time you can try different models and choose the best for yourself. Everything is solved by a rented car, chosen  specifically to meet your needs, plans and budget. If you want to do it, Ukr-Prokat offers you a large fleet in Kharkiv at flexible prices!

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