One usually goes to Odesa in summer. Sun, sea, beach-what else is needed? But if you want to see the city without crowds of tourists, enjoy the evening coolness and see a completely different Odesa, come in autumn. This is the most convenient time to go sightseeing, take pictures against the background of sea, visit all the interesting and authentic restaurants and cafes.

  • There is no heat in autumn.  This is the main argument for those who do not tolerate it. You can walk for a long time, do not worry about your well-being, staying long in the sun, and where to wait out the heat.
  • Half-empty autumn beaches are not suitable for sunbathing and swimming. But finally you can enjoy the views, go on a picnic in front of the sea, arrange a romantic date or meet friends on the beach. And at this time there will be no crowds, hundreds of mats and small litter.
  • At the end of the season Arcadia ceases to be nothing but disco. And finally you can take a walk and look at it the other way.  In autumn it is nice to walk with children or relatives. It is getting much more comfortable, quieter and calmer.
  • It is advised to take a walk along Frantsuzkyi (French) boulevard. This is a real storehouse of architectural monuments that are lost in summer against the backdrop of hundreds of tourists. There are lots of cozy courtyards and gardens, Botanical garden, Odesa film studio. Everywhere there are old mansions of patrons, merchants and famous city figures.
  • Although the summer season is over, Odesa is still pleasing with the abundance of products. First of all, it is fish and fruit. This applies not only to shopping in stores and Pryviz, and the restaurant menu with seasonal salads, smoothies, cocktails and other interesting dishes.
  • In addition, prices are sharply and significantly reduced in autumn. This is the cost for housing, entertainment, products and other interesting places and options.
  • This is a high time and occasion to visit Odesa Art Museum. There is no longer need to choose between a cultural program and a pleasant beach relaxation. Make sure you will see the works of Aivazovskyi and Vrubel with your own eyes.  The Museum is located in the Pototskyi and Naryshkin Palace. The exhibition of works by famous artists had been collected for more than 100 years. The paintings of Ukrainian and Russian artists of the 16th-19th century were collected here.  Another interesting secret of the museum is an underground grotto that imitates a cave with a waterfall.
  • A tourist city in high season and in its normal daily rhythm – those are two big differences.  In autumn you can see real Odesa that lives its simple and everyday life.
  • A new theatrical and concert season starts in autumn.  Odesa is replete with events so you can find something to do, literally every day.
  • The pensive autumn is a great time to learn something new. For example, get acquainted with unusual exhibitions in Museum of Modern Art, another interesting Odesa Museum.   There are bright and colorful exhibitions of famous artists and stars of the local underground. For example, exhibitions of nonconformists of the 70’s or post-underground of the 90’s.

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