Car rental became so popular thanks to entrepreneurs. It was businessmen who raised their reputation and with their demand for the services of the first rental companies in the United States after the Dry Law. And later on, after the aviation boom, because without a transfer even at those times it was difficult to do that.

And now legal entities are actively renting cars for a variety of tasks:

  • The rented cars used for corporate needs solves the issue of employee transportation. Besides, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of cars.
  • If a company is actively developing, its requirements are constantly changing and standards are rising. Over time, corporate identity and positioning can change radically. Therefore, even with the availability of resources, it is difficult to form a corporate fleet of cars under such conditions. But rental cars can be easily changed.
  • Cars may also be rented for business trips. It is not always possible to go by your own car. And not every own car is suitable for that purpose, For instance, it might not be very convenient to go across the cities on a big family SUV.
  • The wish to save up is one of the most important reasons for renting. In order to optimize costs, business owners tend to avoid buying cars, which cost a lot but are not crucial for doing business.
  • For a seasonal business, it makes no sense to start buying your own fleet of cars, because during downtime you need parking and maintenance. Actually, all those things that we usually do on our own.
  • Rent a car is a great solution if you need a transfer to the airport or hotel. For example, to meet your business partners or go on a trip abroad.
  • Another reason to rent a car is corporate events, receptions, exhibitions, and other important events. If presentability and impressions are important for your company, then a spectacular rented car will be an excellent business card with minimum investment.

Advantages of car rental for legal entities

In addition to the fact that your fleet requires huge investments, which are significant even for big business, it needs to be serviced. A situation where all the work is stopped due to a car breakdown is unacceptable. In the case of rent, this is excluded. Even if something suddenly fails, you will immediately receive the other similar car instead.

When maintaining a large fleet, you need someone to constantly take care of it. You will need the parking lot, security guard, and a specialist who will ensure that all cars are scheduled for inspection, send them for repair and pick up, monitor the fuel level. We do all those things for you.

If you need a driver in addition to the car, we may also solve this problem. Our company offers this service exactly for the period you need. Therefore it is not necessary to hire extra regular employees.

If you decide to rent a car for a legal entity, we at Ukr-Prokat are ready to help! We have a large fleet of different models and classes to meet the demands of any business task. You can book a car in advance. Besides, it is worth mentioning that long-term rentals have good discounts. If necessary, you can separately order a standard, business, or VIP class transfer.

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