Pre Purchase Car Checking is a must-do before any deal is concluded. While this may seem obvious, not everyone knows what you really need to pay attention to.

External Check

It is best to look at the car at least twice, even if you have considerable experience of doing it and driving. This greatly increases the chances of noticing small defects or problems. Be sure to check the condition of the body and paintwork. Check it for rust, inspect the bottom, bumpers, wings and flaps.

Examine the condition of the salon, check the functionality of the interior and appliances. Visually evaluate the engine compartment, luggage compartment panels. After that, it is necessary to have the  ordinary and then the computer diagnostics of the car.

Engine Compartment Check

Instrumental testing of the car is carried out on a special stand. It is necessary to carefully inspect the engine and all attachments: there should be no visible defects or traces of oil or tar.  A thin layer of dust is not a problem, because it clearly shows the possible problem areas.

The exhaust pipe must be dry and free of greasy tar. Small condensation is allowed, which is always accumulated in the exhaust system.

Computer Engine Check

The engine is the heart of the car, though it is not the most valuable part of it. The most expensive component is the body. But the engine is much more complex, more functional, and most importantly, much more expensive in repair and maintenance.

The engine is diagnosed in two ways: visually and instrumentally. Modern models can be tested with the help of special software. Computer diagnostics is a check of all electronic systems. It is much more accurate than any document and the seller’s assurance and indicates the actual condition of the vehicle.

During the diagnostics there are checked the engine itself, automatic transmission, safety system, parking, navigation, cruise control, climate control, etc. It is always an individual process that depends on the particular model.  There should be done the diagnostic of all its parts, since all car systems are interconnected.

Test Drive and Signing the Deal

No test of the new machine will make it feel as good and complete as a test drive. There are practically no objective criteria here: the main thing is that the car is comfortable for you. The rest of all specifications are checked in advance at the stand and during computer diagnostics. It is not necessary any more to listen carefully to every sound and to compare visually the condition of the working units to make sure that the equipment is working properly.

Finally, do not forget the legal side of making the deal. Especially if you want to buy a car not in the salon. The only document that you will need is the main contract of sale with full re-registration  of the vehicle. And if you are not ready to buy a car yet or would like to use the selected model for the first time – please contact us. Ukr-Prokat offers cars for rent in Lviv for every taste and budget.

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