Christmas is a special time, and everyone wants to get lots of impressions during it. Especially,  it is so important this year that has turned out to be really difficult. Traveling to exotic countries is still not so easy to do, so we at Ukr-Prokat have figured out where and how to celebrate Christmas in Kharkiv.

Christmas transformations

Kharkiv is completely changed long before the holidays. And every day it only becomes brighter and more expressive. The main Christmas tree is traditionally located on Freedom Square. It is decorated with a shining garland, and the atmosphere of Christmas reigns everywhere. There are always photo areas, many fairy-tale characters, and even Santa Claus.

New Year’s fairs

New Year’s fairs in Kharkiv always impress everyone. The main one is located on Freedom Square near the Christmas tree, but other smaller fairs are also common throughout the city. In addition to the impressive choice and atmosphere, there are also nice prices. The same applies to food courts. By the way, a few years ago the main Christmas fair received international status. The benches decorated in the style of small wooden houses look very beautiful. It is impossible to leave them without the Christmas mood and some purchases!

Art Factory “Mechanics”

Something interesting is always held on the territory of the art factory “Mechanics”! This is a great choice where you may celebrate Christmas with a large company or family. There are also plenty of photo areas. You can take some food with you. Also, there are different entertainment areas. In addition, there are regular interesting exhibitions. For example, “Planet of the Dinosaurs”.

Night walk

Kharkiv citizens do not like to feel bored. So, if you don’t know what to do for Christmas, just go outside. Festive processions, small street concerts, theatrical performances can be found all over the city. Also,  you can relax and warm up in one of the cafes in Kharkiv. However, for the holidays it is better to book seats in advance. Besides, you can just take a hot cocktail with you.

Christmas in the park

Not only the central square but also city parks are full of lights. How beautiful they are in daylight, but in the evening they turn into real fairy-tale kingdoms. First of all, be sure to walk from Freedom Square to Shevchenko Park. It is a former city garden that is located in the heart of the city.

Gorky Central City Park is generally called the Ukrainian Disneyland. And this is a truly unique amusement park for our country. Especially worth mentioning is a 55-meter Ferris wheel. Also,  there are plenty of playgrounds for sports activities, other attractions, and even a cable car. By the way, the cable car leads to the old botanical garden, and to the  Sarzhin Yar, which in recent years has become a great project of the best architects and landscape designers.

Active Christmas in Kharkiv

If you prefer active leisure time, you may go to the suburbs of Kharkiv. There is a real ski resort with the eloquent name “Kharkiv Switzerland”. Of course, the tracks here are not very large ( up to 400 m).  However, they are very neat and well-groomed. There are slopes with different complexity, so it is also ideal for beginners as well. Moreover, it is a great choice to celebrate Christmas too.

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