The roof rack is very convenient, practical and universal. But only if you choose it correctly. The main criterion is the method of attaching it to the car. Because if everything is obvious with the sizes and material, there are still some nuances. We at Ukr-Prokat can give you some more detailed information!

Trunks, which are attached to the gutters, can be fixed anywhere. Therefore, they can be of any size, and can be moved to another car with the same mounts.

If there are special regular mounts on the roof, it is better to use them for the trunk. They are specially reinforced under such loads, so it is more reliable.  Concerning the disadvantages, the choice of sizes is limited to the same standard mounts.

The T-shaped profile is mainly used on SUVs and other big cars. This is a very good and high-quality type of mount, but, unfortunately, not popular enough. Along the roof there are special guides on which you can fix the crossbars. The load is almost close to the roof, but does not touch it.

Railings consist of two rails along the roof, at a short distance from it. They are the same as T-shaped profiles, but this system is a bit simpler. The design is very versatile, but keep in mind that the center of gravity of the load is slightly shifted, and this affects the behavior of the car.

Integrated railings differ from the usual one, since they lack clearance between them and the roof. This is a newer technology, but it is becoming more common. The only problem is that the trunk will have to be selected for a specific model, so that the latches go where you want. There are universal trunks, but we recommend that you first consult a specialist.

Non-standard roof racks

What should you do if the car has a smooth roof without fastenings and railings? Here are the following options:

The trunk mounts are mounted on additional latches, and those are already mounted on the doorway. It is important that all elements in contact with the body are rubber or polymer coated. This minimizes the risk of damage.

Trunks on magnets can be installed literally anywhere. But they are only suitable for light loads and can scratch the body of the car.

Inflatable trunks are fixed with straps through the cabin. This is a good option for small cars that cannot be fitted with a standard roof rack.

What else to pay attention to?

Decide on the shape of the trunk: basket or transverse arches. Rectangular steel arches are considered to be the most accessible. And for regular use, lightweight aluminum with an aerodynamic profile is better. In addition, the arches give more room to choose, while the size of the basket is limited by the size of the roof.

Pay attention to the weight of the trunk. And yet – what weight is the roof of your car. In terms of materials, in addition to steel and aluminum, there is also high-strength ABS plastic. Consider whether you need additional latches or protective systems. That is probably enough to start with!

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