Parking is one of the most difficult tasks for beginners. Even experienced drivers often worry about where it would be better to leave the car. We at Ukr-Prokat in Odessa have understood the basic rules and peculiarities, and  will tell you everything about it!

Many people like to park somewhere on the side of the road, away from other cars, where there is definitely no one. This is a 100% guarantee that you will not touch someone else’s car and will not damage your own one. And sometimes the problem is in the wrong adjustment of the mirrors or even adjusting of the seat. Because of this, the inspection suffers, and the driver really feels rather insecure. This problem must be solved! But if your problem is only fear and insecurity, then it’s time to start fighting them!

  1. You have probably seen more than once how other drivers in the parking lot do not follow the markings. For example, stop right on the lines. Basically it is an ordinary inattention and the principle “it is fine anyway”. We strongly advise against repeating this experience. First, it is a violation of the rules. Second, you other  drivers will definitely not like it. Small fights with scratches or dents most often occur in such situations. So choose a place according to the layout.
  2. Calculate the dimensions of your car. You do not need to choose the largest parking space, but just a space that is  the size of your car. For example, for class A it is about 7-8 square metres, and for the executive class – 12-14 square metres.
  3. It is better to park in the open area. If you are standing right next to the house, someone can throw something out of the window. And the trees like to gather birds that will pollute the car. In addition, during bad weather, a branch can fall from a tree.
  4. If possible, choose covered parking. It is protection from rain, snow and scorching sun. You do not have to sit in a hot car or brush it for a long time.
  5. The best choice, of course, is a full-fledged covered parking in a separate room. Underground or ground, both are fine. This is not only protection against the weather, but also a security system with video surveillance.
  6. Make sure there are no schools, kindergartens, playgrounds or stadiums nearby. This is always an increased risk for you and others.
  7. If you are afraid of inexperienced drivers, park near cars with a warning sign. Yes, right next door. In most cases, beginners do not touch other cars during the stop, but later on when leaving the parking lot. So from this point of view it is not necessary to stop opposite them.
  8. In multi-level parking lots, avoid places on turns. The same goes for any parking lot with a difficult junction. Otherwise, there is a high probability that during the time that you will not be there, someone will hit your car. It is in these situations that side injuries most often occur. By the way, for sale or rent such places are usually offered at a big discount. But it will not cover the cost of repairing the body.
  9. Choose a place near other cars. The safety of remote corners is quite imaginary. After you, other drivers will come to the same parking lot and they will have to go around and park next to you.
  10. Make sure you don’t block anyone’s exit. If this happens, but you can’t change anything, leave a note with your contacts on the windshield.

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