Tire replacement is a classic problem that all car drivers face twice a year. In addition to having to replace the tires on time, the second set also has to be stored somewhere. And it should be done under the appropriate conditions, so that in six months it could be used again, not just thrown away.

Here is the way how to do it!


Wash the tires thoroughly before sending them onto a seasonal holiday. Be sure to wash away all the dirt, sand and gravel. Then, sign each tire to make it easier to fit the wheels. Not all tires can be swapped. Even rubber with a non-directional tread should not be installed in the opposite direction, otherwise it will not be as effective, safe and durable. And for some cars this is crucially important.

Wrapping of Tires

Avoid moisture on rubber or wheels when storing. The wheels are not to be stored on open balconies. But keep in mind that plastic bags and films are not the best option. They do not allow air to get to them, so when the temperature drops inside, condensation is formed. And instead of protection from moisture, it is created. There are special moisture-proof non-woven covers which are made of breathable material. They would be the best choice for your tires.

Temperature Control

Store the rubber tires in a dry, ventilated area, avoid direct sunlight and any corrosive environment. Follow the temperature recommended by the manufacturer. On average, it is from 0 to +25 degrees. It is not recommend to keep them in cold unheated rooms, such as balconies and attics.

At the same time, be sure to avoid storing them next to  heating appliances. Both the overheating and the over cooling properties of the rubber deteriorates, cracks appear, and the elasticity decreases. Some damage may be invisible to the naked eye, but then the tire will flake right while driving. The same thing happens when the tire is exposed to ultraviolet light, whether it’s sun or neon light.

Storing in the House

It is best to keep the tires on discs . They will not deform, and dirt and moisture will not get inside of it. At the same time, there is less risk of damage done to the tires.

The disks are put horizontally in a stack one on one. Or they can be hung on special fasteners.  If there are no disks on tires, it is impossible to do it. They can deform that way. They are stored strictly vertically and it is desirable to rotate them several times a month.

Storage in Warehouses

If you have nowhere to put rubber in the house, in the off-season it can be handed over to special warehouses. Make sure the area is heated. One more good option is to choose a special company that can provide all the conditions for storing tires

The End of Season

Before mounting the tires on the car, check the condition of each tire. Study tread balance and tread height. It has a direct impact on the safety, ride comfort and durability of the rubber.

If you don’t want to worry about replacing and storing tires yourself, there is a way out! Rent a car when you need it. You will get it fully ready for your tasks, taking into account the weather and the time of year. And you can choose the model that you like in the catalog Ukr-Prokat in Odesa!

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