There is always the wish to make your favorite car as comfortable as possible. Some find it very difficult and expensive to do. But we are ready to argue with that statement and share some useful and affordable life hacks!

Clean car cabin

It is impossible to talk about comfort in a dirty and dusty cabin. Wet cleaning is essential, as plastic parts and upholstery attract dust. Wipe all horizontal surfaces with a damp cloth and be sure to clean the vents with a thin brush. So the incoming air will always be fresh and clean. Of course, do not forget about the timely maintenance of the air conditioner and cleaning its filters. Otherwise, instead of coolness, you will get a carrier of bacteria and fungus.

Comfortable safety belt

Drivers tend to postpone the repair of the belt until the last minute, although it might constantly jam. But in reality, the problem may not be in the breakdown. Before changing the mechanism, try to polish the slider. Perhaps the only problem is excessive friction.

Smartphone holder

This little thing can make travel much more convenient. Anyway, most drivers currently use maps and a navigator on the phone. But without a smartphone holder, it has to be constantly attached to the dashboard and put it right on the go. Why should there be such inconveniences, if it is possible to buy plenty of various inexpensive holders? The same applies to coasters and other household items.

Silence in the car

The most effective way is noise insulation around the perimeter. But it is the most difficult to implement and the most expensive one. You can start small with the door, floor, and trunk. The doors will start to close quieter, the car will not knock on the bumps, and the speakers of the audio system will finally sound in all its glory.

To finish the door, you need to line the inside of it with vibration-insulating material, and the floor with soundproofing material. Wires, edging and rods are easy to close with anti-creaking strips. After that, you can assemble all the parts together.

It is recommended to cover the roof with moisture-resistant insulation in at least three layers. So raindrops will not be heard at all, even in heavy rain. And in order not to knock stones from the road, sheathe the arches. Here, two layers are usually enough, although it is all individual.

Dry cabin

Moisture often condenses in the cabin during rains and temperature changes. This makes it too damp and uncomfortable. To get rid of the problem, use special moisture-resistant and frost-resistant insulation materials. While cladding the door, leave a small indentation on top so as not to break the material when using the window. But keep in mind that high-quality insulation work is always quite expensive and complex.

By the way, if the car is very wet and you want to get rid of moisture immediately, use a cat filler. A fabric bag with granules under the seat can solve the problem of constant fogging glass.

Car rental

The easiest way to get a really comfortable car for your specific tasks is to rent it. In the Ukr-Prokat fleet, we will select a model for business trips, trips around the city, country trips with family, or travel in Ukraine. You do not need to worry about the technical condition and equipment of the machine. We have done everything for you!

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