Parking is one of the most challenging driving tasks not just for the beginners. Even experienced drivers often get into trouble. Let’s try to figure out how to avoid them!

  1. Feel the size of the car. A lot of people like to park on the side of the parking lot or in places where there are no cars at all. It happens because of fear of scratching other cars, but it comes with time and practice. Also, there are more “technical” reasons. For example, incorrect adjustment of the side mirrors and rear view mirrors. Practice and tune everything in the car the way that is the best for you!
  2. Mind the lines when parking a car. Often, drivers who are confident in their abilities ignore the markings on parking lots. But it is a real lifeline for beginners who are not yet very confident in the their parking skills.  Even if you have already parked by accident on a mark, do not be lazy to try parking your car properly. First, you create inconvenience for less experienced drivers and can trigger an accident. Second, your own car can be scratched as well.
  3. Only park in a safe place. Choose parking lots even if it’s not very convenient for you. Leaving your car in a wrong place can easily end with a tow truck that can take your car. Also, if you park under the trees, the branches may fall on your vehicle, or you may notice scratches, damage and dirt from birds on it later on.
  4. Consider the floor of the car. The most common mistake for low-floor car owners is incorrect parking at the curb. As a result, the car just crashes into it with a muffler or bumper.
  5. Mind your body posture while driving.  It is very important to be aware of it.
    The chair should be height-adjustable and the backrest should be tilted at a comfortable angle. Pay attention to the position and distance to the steering wheel. It is important that you could clearly see everything in front of the car,  the whole rear window should be seen in the interior mirror, and the rear passenger door handles in the rearview mirror.
  6. Choose the direction. If you have a little free space, the reversing parking will be the most convenient for you (close parking). It may seem more complicated, but in practice, the risks are much smaller. And then the distance between the cars will be 1-1.2 meters more than yours.
  7. Follow the intervals. Keep in mind that you may not always be able to drive backwards. Therefore, keep a close eye on the interval between your car and the car that is next to yours.  There must be enough space for you to open the door without touching it, the curb, or other objects. If you park in parallel, drive so that the rear right wheel of the car is near the rear left corner of the car in front of you. The recommended distance between the lateral wings is 0.5 m.
  8. Install the parktronic system. Special electronics in the car solves the majority of small problems. Parktronic will help the driver not to drive into a curb or a neighboring car. It will also sign when any other obstacle occurs. For example, an unmarked armature that is sticking out of an old curb. In this case, the rear-view camera will be even more effective.

And if you are confident in your driving skills, but just want to  check the abilities of a new car on the road, it is not necessary to spend right away a huge sum of money on buying it. Contact us at Ukr-Prokat in Kyiv and rent any model to your liking and taste!

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