It looks like New Year was not so long time ago but now it is the high time to get ready your car to spring! Firstly, you have to check its general condition after winter and if there are no parts in it that have to be replaced. Secondly, you have to get it ready for the future summer!

Car cleaning

When the roads are finally dry without any snow left with chemicals on it, you should thoroughly clean your car. You have to wash away salt and chemical plaque not just from the body but also from the bottom of the car, from the brake lines and suspension. For this purpose, it is better to immediately address professionals and at the same time order anticorrosive finishing.

Interior cleaning

First of all, you should unload all winter equipment from the trunk – scrapers, brushes, and shovels. All this will not be of no use for you in the summer period and will only clutter the place. Then, clean the car cabin. It is necessary to wash rugs, to vacuum and wash seats, to wash all surfaces with a soap liquid and an antiseptic. Be sure to check the condition of the air conditioner and replace the air filter if necessary. If an unpleasant odor appears in the cabin when the climate control is switched on, this is an obvious reason to contact the service.

Tire replacement

We are not in favor of changing the tires in the first spring days. The weather will still be changeable at least for a month. It might get colder and frosty. Such ice on the road is really dangerous. Change the tires when the average day temperature is above 6-7 degrees Celsius.

Before storing winter wheels, check their condition.  Evaluate their level of wearing out, make sure that they are not torn anywhere and there are no other damages.

If you have all-season tires, check their integrity, tightening bolts, and pressure. By the way, regular pressure monitoring will save hundreds and thousands of hryvnia, because rubber wears out much more slowly and consumes less fuel.

Liquids and Filtres

Inspect the air filter and check the levels of all technical fluids. Make sure you have enough engine oil and coolant. Check the performance of the automatic transmission and power steering. If you do not yet have a replacement diary, it is time to start it with all the dates and the number of kilometers traveled. Do not mix liquids of different brands and colors.

If you used the car in extreme conditions in the winter, we recommend replacing the engine oil, even if you changed it only 5-7 thousand kilometers ago. The same should be done if you plan a serious technical load in the spring.

Inspection of the Car Parts

Strong temperature changes have a bad effect on the traffic station. They can vary from -20 to +90. Pay special attention to plastic and rubber parts, which can be simply cracked. Make sure the engine does not leak. Check the rear axle gearbox and gearbox. Replace the oil with summer oil.

Evaluate the battery charge, unscrew, and check the spark plugs for cracks. Check the condition of the fuel tank. If the car has not been in use for a long time in winter, it may have deposits and sediment that needs to be cleaned. It is also better to replace old fuel.

And if you do not want to deal with the technical issues, but you need a car you can just rent it! The entire fleet of Ukr-Prokat in Odesa regularly undergoes a technical inspection and all seasonal procedures!

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