Car theft is one of the most unpleasant things that can happen to a car owner. Of course, it is impossible to fully insure against all mishaps. But you can protect yourself if you understand in advance how the thieves act.

  • Mechanical breaking is the easiest and most common way. Thieves open the lock with a special screwdriver or keyhole, then press the door or hood. They start the car by closing the wires. This is especially true of old and low-cost cars without modern safety systems. The solution to the problem will be mechanical as well. Install good alarms and additional security systems on the door and trunk.
  • Sometimes the car owner himself disables the intruder alarm. The reason of it  is simple: the thieves specifically cause it to be triggered by blows, jolts, or any other available method. They do it several times in a row, until the owner, finding no danger, decides that the alarm is faulty and turns it off himself. Next, the simplest mechanical stealing methods are used  again. The solution to this problem is vigilance and care. Do not leave the car unattended. Use several different security systems, including two-sided and independent immobilizers.
  • The driver’s inattention is a trump card in the hands of the thief. Many fraudulent schemes are built on the effect of surprise. Thieves work as a team. While the task of the first one is to get you out of the car, the second waits until you hurry up to leave the vehicle open  or even forget the key directly in the ignition. There is only one rescue that is not to lose your vigilance in any situation.
  • Theft from a parking lot or garage. It is impossible to protect the car from theft in guarded parking lots. After all, there is already everything you need. Experienced thieves have enough methods and scams to do even this. But there is something you can do: equip your car with a hidden beacon that can be tracked in case of a theft.
  • Conspiracy with car service for a percentage is a scheme, which is used by unscrupulous thieves. They can put the alarm system off, copy the key, disable additional locks. To prevent this from happening, contact only qualified services. And after check-out, check all security systems and reconfigure the keys.
  • Keyless access is a finding for the thieves. Car manufacturers are increasingly using this technology, and attackers have already learned to circumvent it with the help of special broadcasters and amplifiers. They intercept the signal from the driver’s “key” and broadcast it. To avoid trouble, block a regular radio channel and do not forget about complex security systems.
  • The code grabber is another way of intercepting signals from a keychain. So the thieves disable the immobilizer on the door and block other security features or sensors. The solution is to buy more expensive and up-to-date alarms with a code grabber protection.

If you don’t need the car all the time, and you don’t want to worry about storing it every day, there is an easier option. Rent a car  when you need it and at the same time be able to try different brands and models, according to the situation. We will help you to find the right variant in Ukr-Prokat fleet in Kyiv!

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