The price of fuel is constantly changing. And it is still one of the main costs of maintaining a car. In practice, large amounts of petrol is wasted due to wrong driving and other little nuances.

What to pay your attention to in order to save up on petrol?

  • Plan your itinerary and your time. Avoid traffic jams, unnecessary laps and long downtime. All the time the vehicle is standing still with the engine running, it is wasting fuel. Idling takes about 1-1.5 liters per hour. For the same reasons, it is not necessary to warm up modern engines for a long time. If you do it, then you waste petrol.
  • Go smoothly. High speed and sharp acceleration burn large amounts of fuel. Accelerate and slow down smoothly, without abruptly jumping between these two. The minimum fuel consumption will be when driving at the optimum speed of the vehicle, which is specified in the technical documentation.
  • Turn off the car equipment. Do not leave appliances that you do not need switched on. After all, everything in the cabin works from the engine. An overloaded generator burns a lot of fuel. Even too powerful headlamps add up to the total amount of used petrol.
  • Cool the car. Avoid overheating your car, especially in summer. Park in the shade and avoid stopping in direct sunlight. High temperatures and overheated air cause increased fuel consumption.
  • Follow the aerodynamics. The streamline and weight of the vehicle directly affect the fuel consumption. That is the reason why manufacturers strive to make all speed models as light as possible and make them streamlined. Do not clutter the cabin and boot with unnecessary items. Remove the trunk from the roof if you do not need it.
  • Refuel in time. Experienced drivers know that it is best to refuel late in the evening or in the morning. This is due to the density of the fuel, which depends on the temperature outside. The higher the density, the less petrol gets into the tank. At the same time, try to fill in the whole tank right away. This is much more useful for the engine than always refilling your car with 5- 7 liters of petrol.
  • Repair and maintenance. Take care of the engine insulation for the winter. A lot of fuel is always spent on warming up the car, so it is better not to over-cool it. And in the parking lot or in the garage, use special blankets. At the same time, monitor the status of all work nodes. For example, an air filter directly affects fuel consumption. The same way condition and pressure of tires do.

But not all saving ups are equally good. For example, do not abuse the power outage. Don’t give up on air conditioning, music or an onboard computer if you need them. You will lose more than you get.

A doubtful way is to try to hide in the shadow of the truck during the heat. It is thought that this way you can save 2-3% of petrol. However, you always have to adjust to someone else’s pace and breathe in exhaust fumes.

Avoid questionable engine devices that are supposed to reduce petrol consumption. Not only are they ineffective, but also repairing the engine in case of breakage will cost several times more that you may save.

Another victory way to save on the maintenance of the vehicle is to choose it for your tasks. Small smart would be perfect for the city, big sport utility vehicles for travel, light and fast executive cars for business trips. And all these cars are possible to choose among the big Ukr-Prokat fleet in Odesa!

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