More and more people are choosing to rent a car instead of a taxi, for travel and business trips, just to try a new car model or while their car is under repair. All you need is just a passport, driver’s license, and bank card. In the Ukr-Prokat car park in Lviv, you will easily find a car for your tasks, and our managers will help you arrange everything!

Meanwhile, we will tell you a few tricks about how to save up on car rental in Ukraine!

Booking in advance

Booking in advance gives you at least two significant benefits. First of all, it is a wider choice, because you avoid a situation when the desired car is not available for the time you need it. Secondly, it is savings and more favorable conditions. We will calculate the cost and offer you the most affordable prices.

In Ukr Prokat you can book a car directly on the site. To do this, you have to select the car, place of delivery and place of return, provide your details and notes, and send the form. You can choose additional services – GPS, Wi-Fi, child seat, car box, phone accessories, or even order a driver’s service.

Lease duration

The longer the lease, the more profitable it is. The cost of the rental is reduced in proportion to its duration. Here you need to take into account the nuances because to sign a contract for a month and return the car in two days will not work. Always discuss early returns in advance. Many renters are fined for such violations.

We offer several options of calculating the cost of the car: for 1-2 days, for 3-7 days, for 8 days or more or for 30 days or more.

Place of rental and place of return

The final cost of the car is affected by where you take it and where you return it. The same directly affects mileage and fuel consumption. So think of the moment so that you do not have to drive meaningless circles. Especially if you take a car not for the city, but for a business trip or a trip around Ukraine.

Dimensions and capacity of the car

Choose cars that meet your tasks. Don’t take a huge SUV for short trips to and from work. Large cars are not only more expensive but also consume more fuel. So, the maintenance of the car will cost more.

Or the opposite situation. If you need to transport things or you are planning a country trip with a large company, then a small city car is definitely not enough to do it. You will have to take one more car or drive several times. In this case, it is really better to take a more capacious car.

Manual or Automatic car?

You can rent cars with manual or automatic transmission. Think about what exactly you need and what exactly you can handle. The fact is that the mechanics are usually cheaper than automatic cars, so if you can confidently handle it you should choose that type of car.

Additional Services

The final cost is affected by additional services: accessories, fasteners, child seats, equipment, and many more. Think in advance what exactly you need and what you can do without. What’s the point of overpaying for equipment that will never be used?

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