More and more people are choosing not to leave their pets at home, rather than taking them on trips and journeys with themselves. The quantity of restaurants, hotels, shops, malls and other public places that  let them come inside is constantly increasing. And being in the countryside or out of town is a real joy for active four-legged friends.

But how could we comfortably and safely organize the transportation for our pets? Traffic regulations do not regulate this issue: the requirements are the same as for any cargo.  The animal should not prevent the motorist from operating the car.

Cats and dogs

For the safety of even very small dogs or cats, it is highly recommended to buckle them up. Any kind of trip is extremely stressful for them and the animal may get frightened unexpectedly and start behaving in an unpredictable way: rush to its owner, hide between the pedals, get onto the steering wheel and so on. Therefore, it is much easier to take a carry-on bag or grid -restraint for them. It is only allowed to keep even small animals on the back seats.

Cats are recommended to be transported only in special cat carrying bags, as they are usually more unpredictable than dogs. There are now lots of models of different sizes and configurations. The main thing is that it should be well ventilated, quite spacious and  could be closed tightly. When you put the carrying bag on the seat, it would be a good idea to fasten it with the seat belts.

The same rules apply to all small dogs. But for the breeds that are bigger in size , you can buy special dog crates that are installed in the trunk or cabin. The pet will be separated from the driver in that way. For seats, use covers that will protect them from dog’s saliva, wool and other problems on the road. For obedient dogs there are special seat belt harnesses and even car seats.

Other animals

Small carrying bags will be good for rodents and reptiles. During the trip you should be attentive to the temperature in the car, water for your pets, and the place where you keep it. The main thing is that the pet should not  be able to leave it. What about the birds, they should be carried in closed boxes with holes for air. They may become frightened of noise, movement and constant changes of pictures behind the window. Fish are recommended to be transported in glass jars.

How to train a pet to feel safe in the car

It is much better to start training your for-legged friends to travel with you in a car since early childhood. Because there might be situations when you have to take it for example to the vet or to the city. Here are some tips how to help you with it:

  • Experts recommend to take your pet to the countryside when you have first trips with them, rather than to the clinic. Dogs might get undesirable connections between the car and the nuisance.
  • Avoid loud noises and drafts. Don not turn on the music at full volume.
  • Do not open the windows in the car. It is much safer to switch on the air conditioner or heater.
  • You can give your pet some treats. To do this, take a special kind of treat that you will only give in the car.
  • It is not recommended to feed the animal before traveling. It might provoke the feeling of nausea during the trip and cause them additional stress.
  • Bring some water in the special bowl with you into the car or let your pet drink during the stops..
  • Talk to your pet so that he or she understands that the owner is right with it and everything is okay. This rule works for everyone from rodents to large dogs.

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