Valentine’s Day gives a great reason to take a break from everyday hustle and spend time with your significant other. The want for romance and new impressions, a lovely pretext and atmosphere of love actually all around create the conditions for new achievements. There’s no need to go far or spend excessively. For instance, you can go where you’ve been meaning to go for a while, but couldn’t because of lack of time or energy.

Breakfast with champagne in Korky Ta Krykhty

Start the day with a breakfast in Korky Ta Krykhty restaurant (Corks and Crumbs) on Lesia Ukrainka street 27. It’s not just a restaurant, but also a wine bar with bakery and shop with goods of own production. A pleasant bonus for love birds ― unlimited breakfast with champagne or wine.

The venue positions itself as a wine bar with a large culinary menu and lives up to the bar it sets. Here you can try classic and original, terrific dishes at affordable prices, choose just the perfect wine for them and savor the flavors.

Stylish design and exclusive original tableware in which coffee, other drinks and meals are served, come as a nice bonus. The place is an excellent choice for those who are looking to try something fundamentally new and enjoy bold combinations while having a glass of aromatic wine.

Unforgettable romantic dinner at the Terrazza Restaurant

The Terrazza restaurant is famous for its terrace with a fantastic view ― that’s where it gets its name from. It’s near the Rynok Square (Market Square) and the Opera House. From the 7th floor there is a stunning view of the historic buildings, architectural monuments and panorama of the old city looking like a large open-air history museum.

The menu includes gourmet dishes of Ukrainian and Mediterranean cuisine. The chef has creatively perfected classical European recipes in his quest for perfect, original, interesting tastes. The restaurant itself is cozy and comfy. It’s not easy to find a better place for a romantic dinner.

Relax in the countryside in Bukhta Vikinhiv

Bukhta Vikinhiv (Vikings’ Bay) is a cozy recreation center only 12 km from Lviv, located in a picturesque and ecologically clean area. The whole complex occupies 12 hectares with lots of cottages, three lakes, sports grounds and other amenities.

Bukhta Vikinhiv is known for its equestrian club. It offers riding training, one-time amateur classes, there are special riding halls and a children’s sports section. You can go for a horse ride, spend time with horses in the open air and get lots of new impressions.

At the center, there’s also a spa center, tennis courts, paintball, billiards, bicycles, shooting range, winter skating rink, snowmobiles and skis for rent, BBQ, Russian sauna by the lake and lots of amenities for all tastes.

If you’d like to avoid spending too much time on the road on a special day, worrying about the increased demand for taxis and ruining romantic mood on the public transport, it’s better to rent a car in Lviv. The Ukr-Prokat company has a large park of cars of different models. Representative or stylish, spacious or compact, for city or countryside trips ― we have a car for any occasion.

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