Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport is located in the southwestern part of the city. One of its main advantages is a very convenient location. The airport is only 15 km to the city center,  5,6 km to the train station, and 5,5 km to the bus station.

Between the airport and the station regularly runs a special express. You can also use the city transport: buses and trolleybuses. The stop is called: “Airport. Terminal A “.

Besides, you can park your car in a well-equipped parking area for 238 parking spaces. The first 15 minutes of car parking there is free of charge.

Cafes and Restaurants

There are several cafes and restaurants in the terminal A that will satisfy the demands of every client. The Cafe Chao, that is on the ground floor, is in free access and also, on the third floor in the area of domestic flights. You can try there various dishes, including authentic Galician pastries, as well as full dinners which consist of the first and second course as well as the dessert.  Also, the service there is incredibly fast.

In the zone of international departure there is a buffet from the same chain Chao. The prices are not big there. You will be offered the choice from a large selection of drinks and cocktails, and a variety of dishes prepared right in front of you. All staff in the cafe speak English.

Veronica is another cozy cafe in which you can enjoy your time. The menu includes delicious hot dishes, from soups to grill and paella. This confectionery factory, which also has such a name, is known even outside of Ukraine. All sweets there are hand made according to the oldest Austrian recipes.


The airport has a newsagent’s, where you can buy foreign publications, books, goods for you to read during the flight, recreational goods, souvenirs, snacks and drinks, cigarettes, children’s toys and other useful stuff. There you can also buy batteries and refill your account. Nearby there is one of the most famous Lviv networks – “Lviv Chocolate Workshop”. There you can buy candies, chocolate figurines, sets, bars and coffee that you can take with yourselves as a present. Besides, you can have a rest there after an exhausting road.

Business halls

Business halls are provided for your calm and comfortable rest. They can also be used to solve work issues while waiting for the flight. There is a conference room, separate meeting rooms, computers and other devices, the Internet, fresh press, bar and food court. There are separate halls for passengers of domestic and international flights.


Suitcases and bags can be wrapped with an elastic film. It will take you no more than a minute, but it will guarantee you the safety and the extra layer of protection of your belongings. The place where you can wrap your baggage is located in Terminal A right at the reception desk for international flights.

In the arrival zone opposite the information stand there is a 24-hour storage room. You can leave any kind of baggage there, except for perishable goods, as well as toxic, explosive and fire hazardous substances.

Additional services

Lviv airport offers the services of quick passing of all stages when boarding the plane. It includes personal guidance from or to the plane gangway. You can even order the personal transport.

There is a branch of the bank “PUMB’ in Terminal A and the ATMs of other banks.  You can exchange currency or make other transactions.

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