Electric cars  slowly but surely take control of the Ukrainian car market. Petrol prices are rising, and environmental issues are becoming more important. But the cost, speed, specifics of refueling and operation in general still raise a lot of questions. Let’s try to figure them out.

Technically, electric cars appeared before internal combustion engines. But only now their use is appropriate. In Europe, this car is no surprise, but in Ukraine there are not so many of them.

The most popular models on our market:

  • American Tesla Model S with stylish and concise design and high quality interior. The machine accelerates to 177 km / h, and the charge is enough for 400-450 km. But this model is several times more expensive than others.
  • Japanese electric car Mitsubishi i-MiEV accelerates up to 140 km / h and costs 2-2,5 times cheaper than Tesla. But its one charge is just enough for about 150 km.
  • The Chinese BIO Automotive line offers several models: evA-2, evA-3, evA-4, evA-5. They are the cheapest on this list, but they can reach the speed of up to 80 km / h. Single charge is enough for about 125 km.

How are electric cars different from ordinary cars?

The main difference between electric cars and conventional cars is the lack of an internal combustion engine and gearbox. There is a special battery instead of it that needs to be recharged. This gives the mobility for the car as opposed to wire-bound trolleybuses.

It is much easier to operate the electric vehicle. In fact, it is enough to turn on the button. A reducer is in place of the gearbox. Even steering the car is easier thanks to the electric amplifier. The car accelerates on its own, so it will not work “sharply”. But it slows down much faster due to the specificity of converting kinetic energy into electrical energy. Brake pads on electric cars wear longer.

However, they have its big disadvantage. The speed of electric cars is always limited. Different models have their own characteristics. Only a few of them reach up to 250 km / h. The popular Nissan Leaf in Ukraine accelerates to 140-150 km / h, taking into account the specifics of our roads. But manufacturers do not recommend exceeding the 100 km / h mark.

In terms of capacity and interior design, electric cars do not differ from the usual similar dimensions. But these are mostly compact urban models, so if you need a bigger car, the choice is rather narrow.

What else do you need to know before buying an electric car?

In addition to the environmental friendliness and lack of patrol, electric trucks now have another significant plus: privileges for their import and registration. Unlike internal combustion engines and hybrid models, you do not have to pay extra fees.

One of the main concerns of drivers is the technical inspection. But this is no longer a problem. Now more and more salons are working with electric vehicles. And in practice it is even more profitable, so the annual maintenance of filter replacement will be at least two to three times cheaper. A breakdown happens less often. Simple parts can be replaced in any service, but the battery should be checked by a specialist.

The biggest problem is battery power. It is quite high only in expensive models. For example, in  Nissan Leaf it is 130-150 km, and in winter it is even less. Therefore, it is impossible to travel long distances. Although the number of stations where you could recharge your cars is increasing, their quantity is still less than the standard patrol stations. But as the second car for the city, the  electric cars would be a win-win choice.

And if you are still unsure about your plans and preferences for the car brand or just want to try something new – contact us! Ukr-Prokat offers a large and diverse fleet for every taste in Lviv!

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