Even if the car is in the garage or in the shade, it is still under the threat during the hot weather. Not to mention the situation when the car stays in the ordinary open parking space right in the sun. Of course, we at Ukr-Prokat in Kyiv take into consideration all the technical aspects and offer for rent only serviceable cars. But even in this case, there are small nuances that you have to take care of by yourself.

Here are the ways how you may protect your car from the heat!

Paint and Varnish coating

Under the constant influence of the sun, paint and varnish can burn out or even crack. This is especially true of yellow, red, blue and other bright cars. Also,  the car may fade unevenly either on the one side or in spots. To color the car in such places would be rather hard since it is really difficult to find the right subtone of the color.

In addition to parking in the shade, additional protection for it will be polishing the car with a special wax. To keep the color beautiful and even, the car should be regularly washed, especially in the summer period. At the same time, it cannot be left wet on the street.


The hood of the car overheats in the same way, as well as its parts. The engine itself is likely to cope with such temperatures, but the plastic parts and soft winding are easily softened in the heat without air circulation. As a result, the slightest damage threatens serious damage and even fire. In addition, the heat is not tolerated by the battery and fails much faster.


Glass is the most fragile thing in a car. In addition to the fact that it is heated by heat, the pressure in the overheated cabin is constantly increasing. It happens that the glass cracks or just shatters because of it. Especially if it had already been a bit cracked before.

The temperature difference easily turns small cobwebs into huge cracks. It is just enough to get stuck in the traffic jam with the air conditioner on.

There is another danger from cracks. The smallest defect changes the angle of the sunbeams. Everyone knows that you can light a real fire with one magnifying glass. The probability that the seat or instrument panel will catch fire or melt is not very high. But it is still possible.

The simplest protection against all these problems that will help is a foil solar board. This is a silver panel that is placed in front of the windshield. It reflects sunlight and prevents such radical overheating. When leaving the car for a long time, it is better to protect the side windows as well.


Plastic and artificial leather in the cabin suffer greatly from the heat. This is especially true of budget cars, which are decorated with not the most expensive materials. Some polymers, when overheated, will produce toxic substances that you will then breathe in. Even the opened windows will not help you so soon.  Especially if you turn on the air conditioner, which enhances and accelerates the internal air circulation in the cabin.

Cooling system

Air conditioning, which is used many times more often, is also a hassle. First, it breaks due to the pressure drop, so do not shut down the engine immediately after stopping if the cooling system is turned on. Wait a minute. Second, the filters inside get dirty, so then you breathe dust, debris, and bacteria. And if you ignore the problem for a long time, the air conditioner will fail. If there is an unpleasant odor in the cabin all the time, this is most likely the reason of it.

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