The main statements about the parking of any transport vehicles in the capital are strictly regimented according to driving rules.

  • The stops or the parking are allowed only on the wayside or on the specially lead places. If there are no such – on the right side of the road.

  • When on the stops, the automobile should not interrupt the driving process.

  • On the roadside it is permitted to put the car into several ranges.

  • Angularly the vehicle may stand only in case it does not bother the other cars to be driven. Near the pavements the stop should be done by the front part, on the upturns by back part.

  • During the stops on the upturns or downturns it is necessary to exclude the possibility of the car moving by its own.

  • If there are any driving signs, they should be abided.

  • The stops are forbidden on the tunnels, bridges, overpasses, etc., as also under them. It is not allowed to stop on the rail- and tramways, railway-crossings, the cross-roads, on the public transport stops, in the areas, which are repaired, in cases of detour impossibility and small distance from flagging to road.

Parking places and their usage

Automobile parking is permitted on pavements, except the places, marked with the special signs, or if there are enough space for the pedestrians, on the lawns, near the railway-crossings. In other conditions parking process also has its peculiarities. That’s why the easiest and the most confident way is to use the parking zones.

The operator, who maintains the parking space, must provide all necessary conveniences, personals’ study, follow the hygienic conditions and governmental statements, rules and obligations for drivers’ security. This place has to be specially organised according to all the norms and requires. The territory and entrance must be technically in proper. The special aspects of parking zones’ usage in the living areas should be regimented with the local government.

The driver should leave the car according to driving rules, pay the fee, put the check in the corner of front glass panel and take the auto on time or postpone it, paying additional money.

Recommendations for parking

The skills how to park carefully and right are the best proves of the driver’s qualification. All knowledge comes with practice, but nevertheless there are some pieces of advice for you.

While coming to the place, you should stop a bit ahead. The back wheel should be parallel to car’s bumper, which stands there. After that you may turn the rudder to the wayside. You have to go back until the centre of the back wheel is parallel to the car in front. If you successfully passed the difficulties, straighten the rudder and continue going back. When the second wheel is at the same position, turn the rudder to the opposite side. If you did everything correctly, shut off the engine.

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