Western Ukraine is a place of plenty of monuments. So, a trip by car in Transcarpathia will bring you a lot of unforgettable impressions due to its unique nature and interesting sights. It is very convenient to rent a car of suitable capacity and passability. We can easily pick up several options in the fleet “Ukr-Prokat” in Lviv. And at the same time, we will offer some interesting routes!

The castles of Transcarpathia

First, visit Uzhhorod and Uzhgorod Castle, which nowadays is a museum. In the 11th century, the fortress belonged to the Italian Count Drugetti and still revolves around many legends and mysteries. Among them, there is the story of the count’s daughter, who was walled up alive in the walls, and her ghost still wanders the corridors at night.

Mukachevo is an interesting historical city, which has completely preserved its unique beauty.  Partially it is due to the three-story castle Palanok, which the local population has hardly managed to save. There you can see the master’s rooms, basements, and the yard, and then admire the city from the observation deck.

Nevytske is the birthplace of another legendary Transcarpathian castle. Now it is almost destroyed, but the mystical medieval atmosphere still hovers all over the place.

Chinadiyevo, unlike other castles, still functions. They make movies, hold photoshoots, and arrange weddings and celebrations there. You can even spend the night in this castle.

Schonborn Castle is a former hunting ground, the scope of which is still visible. European architecture together with the amazing Carpathian nature and climate performed an amazing combination. On the territory of it, there is a beautiful large park and deer nursery, and in the former count’s rooms, there is a sanatorium.

Wonderful Transcarpathia nature

When traveling in Transcarpathia, it is impossible to ignore the magnificent mountain nature. Of course, the most famous pearl of the region is Lake Synevyr at an altitude of almost 1000 meters. You can climb it on a winding serpentine, and having reached the spot have a walk around. Enjoy the crystal clear air, fabulous landscapes, and the legend of the love of the Count’s daughter Syn and the ordinary shepherd Vyr.

Be sure to visit the Shipot Falls on the way, especially since it’s easy to reach. The waterfall is located on the slopes of the Borzhav massif, at the foot of Mount Gemba. In the village of Pylypets nearby you can stay overnight.

For a long time, the Black Mountain near the town of Vynohradiv above Kankiv Castle was considered an active volcano. There is a wonderful botanical reserve on almost 750 hectares, as well as a large quarry lake, where red clay was once extracted.

Dovbush rocks are located directly on the road to the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Whimsical stones, caves, and gorges, winding paths, all this is imbued with the spirit of legends and stories. After all, at different times there was a pagan temple, a monastery, and defensive posts.

Lake Brebeneskul is the highest mountain lake in Ukraine, the popularity of which is now growing every year. It is located at an altitude of 1801 meters above sea level. Although its depth is relatively small – up to 3.2 m, the crystal water remains cold all year round.

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