Winter is a serious challenge for any machinery, and cars are no exception. These are frosts, humidity, road reagents and temperature fluctuations. Of course, these factors affect the condition of the vehicle. But you can minimize the consequences if you get ready to it in advance.

Winter tires

First of all, it is necessary to change the tires in winter period that is closer to frost. This is not a whim but a necessity on which your road safety depends. Special pattern and tread depth improve grip during icing. On the contrary, cars with summer tires become virtually impossible to drive.

If you have winter tires it becomes much easier for you to control the car. The braking distance is reduced in this case as well. Pay special attention to the aquaplaning results.

When replacing tires, replace them on all wheels at the same time. It is impossible to change only the tires on the leading wheels and expect a good result. This is even worse because there is an imbalance in driving the car. So the risk of an accident increases.

Also, don’t forget to check the tire pressure. If it is too low, the tread closes and the clutch deteriorates. That may me dangerous too.

Fuel and Oil

Fill up the tank of the car completely. The half-empty tank in winter affects the condition of the engine. Due to the temperature drop, condensation appears too. It flows into the fuel line and cuts it that prevents the normal flow of  patrol into the engine. There is a high probability that one day the car will just break down halfway.

Check the oil. It should not be too viscous, otherwise it will not prevent friction between the working units. In cold weather, oil may get thick and reduce the efficiency of the vehicle. It may cause car overheating. There are special series of winter oils with other viscosity.

Technical fluids

Check the level of antifreeze and replace it in case of necessity in summer period. The optimum ratio of water is 50:50. If there is too much water, the fluid will freeze, stop circulating and cool down. In the summer, the antifreeze prevents car overheating and corrosion of its parts.

The same things can be said about the windshield washer liquid that needs to be replaced with a winter washer. Good visibility also affects safety, especially in winter. Rubber brushes freeze and crack in winter, which means they can’t handle the task. So do not forget to clean them and change them on time.


In autumn, check the condition of the battery as the load of it in winter period significantly increases. Sooner or later, any battery will wear out. You can check the performance by evaluating the fluid level under the lid and inspecting the terminals with wires in case of plaque or corrosion.

Be sure to check the heaters, as it is not just about comfort. Without warm blowing and stable temperature, the glass becomes misty, which is especially dangerous on winter roads.

If you do not want to worry about preparing your car for  winter and other technical problems, you can rent a car when you just need it. You will not have to worry about what to do with it at any other time. Moreover, in the large fleet of Ukr-Prokat in Kharkiv you will find the one that you actually need.

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