Diesel cars are mostly associated with the buses, heavy trucks or special vehicles. However, it is rather rarely used in the passenger’s cars.  On the other hand, it turns out, according to the worldwide practice, that diesel cars are even better and more popular than the cars that use petrol.

Initially, the low popularity of various diesel engines was due to the fact that, although it was quite affordable, they were not good for driving fast and were very noisy. High torque at low rpm was suitable for commercial vehicles, but not for ordinary  city cars.

But for the last 20 years, the situation has significantly changed. Perhaps, it was caused by two factors, such as running out of oil in the world market and the rise of ecological standards. In order to find alternative ways, the developers have started the improvement of diesel engines.

Advantages of Diesel Cars

The main and the most important plus of diesel engines is much less fuel consumption. Compared to the patrol, the difference is about 30%. But this is not the only advantage.

  • The engine in diesel cars stay in a good condition 1.5-2 times longer than in the petrol cars.  If the regular maintenance is done than the car may go up to 400 thousand km.
  • There is no need in the ignition system. And that is one of the most vulnerable parts of a car that often breaks down. Weak sparks, malfunction of the coil or candle, replacement of high-voltage wires all those things never happen with such cars.
  • The power and efficiency of the diesel engine are higher, because less fuel is wasted when being burnt.
  • Thanks to the high torque at low speeds, an equal  and efficient acceleration dynamics is achieved. The thrust is more stable as well.
  • Due to less fuel consumption and more efficient refining, the diesel engine is more environmentally friendly than the patrol one. And its exhaust fumes are not so toxic.

Disadvantages of Diesel Cars

Unfortunately, the developers have not been able to completely get rid of the disadvantages of using diesel. Keep in mind the following information while choosing a car:

  • Initially, the cost of a diesel car is about 30% higher. But it is rather unlikely to sell a car that is older than 5 years with the same profitable difference
  • Despite the major upgrading of the system, diesel cars are still not capable of developing such a high speed as the car with the petrol engine.
  • The design of the engine itself is much heavier, and it affects the overall weight, dynamic performance and general controllability of the vehicle. Because of this, diesel engine is not good for high-speed and maneuverable sports cars, for example.
  • It takes longer for the diesel engine to warm up and so is the interior of the car. This is the downside of high efficiency and performance.
  • Repair and maintenance of a diesel car is more complicated and more expensive. It is often necessary to change technical fluids. And low-quality fuel shortens the car service interval by almost a half.

Most of the weaknesses of diesel cars can be covered if you choose the fuel for your cars wisely. Also you have to be considerably attentive to the way the car is kept how the car is used.

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