The car rent always supposes not only car to take, but also a range of additional services, which allows drivers to feel secure and confident. For example may stand the boxes to be put on the top, auto technical equipment and other accessories.

Among the most popular equipment is: kids’ seats for careful and light children transportation. Their main aim is to protect the kid’s health and all in all – life. Also such things are useful for parents, because the baby does whatever likes, without bothering the driver. Such conditions don’t make the risk of accident.

Car seats are equipped with a strong frame, security belts and other accessories, depending on model and child’s age. For the smallest passengers anatomic inserts and sidelong safety is already predicted. For kids of a bit elder age – comfortable and practical construction, which allows doing anything, feeling secure.

Another type of equipment, which is frequently used by modern drivers is GPS-navigator. The aim is to define the own position in land, search for the destination, make routs and other necessary functions, which may be useful both for experienced drivers and freshmen. The navigator will save your time and energy, presenting the chance to get to the destination as soon as possible.

Additional services

Except additional equipment, our company “Ukr-prokat” offers also a wide range of additional services. For instance, car-hiring with driver; which is especially necessary if the one doesn’t have driving skills. The professional driver means comfort and confidence, the possibility to get to the needed place on time and minimize the risks due to yearly trusted experience of our workers.

If you plan to go somewhere from town, the offer of returning the car will be also in use. This option is discussed ahead, and the price is estimated by our manager. Such possibility makes it easier to plan a vacation or business trip. The one also refers to giving the car back in the non-working hours.

It is common to return the car with a full tank. However this may not be always possible. If there are any problems with petrol before giving the car back, they should be discussed with operator in order to count the liters, which have to be re-fulled.

Car rent conditions

The peculiarities of car renting in Kiev and additional services in our company “Ukr-prokat” are quick-maintenance, reasonable prices and the short list of the needed papers. It will be enough to take passport, the driving license and the card, with the help of which the payment will be done.

The total resting cost is paid, when the contract is signed. The cost includes the basic insurance paper and the support 24/7. There is also a deposit made on card, according to the price of a car. Our managers will give all the needed recommendations, will help to find appropriate auto, etc. Hiring the car with “Ukr-prokat” in Kiev is quick, comfortable and secure as because we offer all the needed services.

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