Camping is a real treasure for those of you who like to travel on your own. It is just enough to grab things and a tent, put everything in the trunk and you are ready to meet adventures. If you need to stop, there are two options for that: find a suitable place in the countryside on your own, or use the campsites along the route.

Camping has a lot of advantages. Here are the main ones:

  • Saving up. If you have a limited vacation budget, you may not be looking for the best solution. Even if you stay in organized camping with a fee for space and infrastructure, it is 4-5 times cheaper than staying in hotels. Moreover, such campsites are also equipped with a kitchen.
  • Get closer to the nature. If you like hiking, woods, fresh air and picnics, camping trips will appeal to you. Starry sky, cheerful company, guitar songs by the fire, fragrant barbecues will be all at your disposal.
  • Good for your health.  Outdoor holiday is a real salvation for the citizens of noisy and polluted cities. You will notice the positive impact of such a holiday on your body in just a few days!
  • Family holiday. Fun and exciting outdoor activities with active games, hiking, fishing, picking up mushrooms and frequent change of places is a delight for young adventurers.

How to get ready to self-travel

In order to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable, you need to prepare for car camping in advance!

  • If you go camping rather often, it makes sense to have a  good platform for sleeping. This is what experienced travelers do. It could be made of chipboard or plywood which is  trimmed to fit your size. Special legs are installed in the cabin. Actually, altogether it will become a frame for a portable bed, which will be helpful if it is damp, cold or inconvenient to stay in  the sleeping bag.
  • If you do not want to carry extra things, then such a  bed could be easily replaced by the self-inflating mattresses. They decompose very quickly, could be transformed into a compact roller and weigh little. Some high-end models are not cheap, but they can be used up to 10 years old and take much less space than rolled up mat for camping.
  • To accommodate all the things that are needed at the campsite, an extra roof rack will be also helpful for you camping. Models that open on both sides will be the most convenient. And don’t forget about extra protection: built-in locks are often easy to break.
  • Car curtains will save the cabin from heat and insects while camping. You can buy ready-made ones or make them on your own  from natural loose fabric and clamps.
  • The tent will protect you from the rain and scorching sun. Although, the precipitation is not so worrying if you have a car nearby,  you will still not have a rest in the car in such a condition. Moreover, installing an awning on the car is much easier, and some are even equipped with mosquito nets.
  • Use a small compression pump to help you reduce the space that is taken by all the staff in the car. It is convenient with its help to pack underwear, blankets, change clothes and gear. There will be a lot more space in the cabin.

An important secret of a comfortable trip is a suitable car. Spacious, durable, comfortable and with good cross-country accessibility is the best choice. If your vehicle is not designed for such conditions, you should not worry.  Contact us, and in the Ukr-Prokat fleet in Kharkiv we will definitely find something suitable!

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