The luxurious bright cabriolet is the dream of plenty of people. However, it is not as perfect as it may seem. It also has got its drawbacks. Here is the list of them:

1.Price. It is the most obvious drawback since cabriolet has always been by 10-15% more expensive than the ordinary car, although it might be practically identical. It does not depend on its configuration that it can be absolutely identical. In fact, you only pay for a special roof.

2.Wind. If you like driving on high speeds, you will also inevitably feel a strong breeze on your face. It can not be avoided even at speeds of 50-60 km / h. Especially, the passengers on the back seats will feel it more strongly. Also, do not forget that you will smell all the “flavors” of the road.

3.Attention and curious looks. On the one hand,  you might be pleased with all the envious looks on the streets, since cabriolet has always been the status of luxury and prestige. On the other hand, too much attention that you cannot avoid might not be a too pleasant thing.  You have to be ready that other drivers or pedestrians will always stare at your car.

4.Cleaning the salon. If you constantly travel around the city with an open roof, all the street dust and dirt will inevitably end up in your salon. This is not comparable to conventional compartments, in which the maximum that you do is opening the windows.  Regular cleaning and exhausting cleaning of the upholstery should not be avoided. By the way, the hair also gets dirty much faster.

5.Soft roof. Although they are already making multi-ply soft roofs that are worth the attention even in winter, they are still more difficult to use than coupes. They can be cut or damaged, it is more difficult to remove stains from the fabric, and even rain may sometimes leave stains on it. What is more, even complicated mechanisms sooner or later begin to creak while driving on rough roads.

6.Searching parts to the car. Most supplies and parts do not differ from other vehicles of the same brand. But there are specific knots  such as the mechanisms of the roof, the entire rear part, individual elements of the body and optics. Finding them is not an easy task. This is clearly not something that is exactly found in any car service shop or store. And some details even have to be ordered individually. And of course, forget about the universal budget counterparts and be prepared to overpay.

7.Service. This problem is similar to the previous one. You are unlikely to have difficulty repairing of the engine or replacing the oil, but with the slightest problems with the roof you will need to look for specialized service. Not all masters are ready to deal with such tasks and not all of them are able to solve them professionally. Accordingly, the cost of maintenance is increasing.

8.Selling. If you ever want to change your car and sell your cabriolet, there will also be problems. Be aware that it is not the most popular car. You will have to try hard to find an interested buyer, even on favorable terms. In addition, cabriolets have a strong seasonality. For example, in late winter, they rise in price before it gets warmer, and in the early fall they become significantly cheaper.

Anyway, it is better to test the car in practice. And  we are ready to help you with it! We do not promise cabriolets, but in the Ukr-Prokat catalog you will surely find what you need!

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