Plenty of drivers believe that while having a lively casual conversation you get the feeling that time spent driving flies much faster. This is true, but it’s important to be aware of your condition at certain point. The main thing is that in the middle of the dispute you do not forget about the traffic situation.

It is difficult for our bodies to concentrate for a long time on two different processes. That is the reason why the drivers might not notice some cars and pedestrians, turn signals off and delay restructuring on the road. All this at times increases the risks of road accidents.

Is it Ok to  speak on the phone while driving? 

Telephone calls is one of the major risks on the roads. Here are the reasons why:

  • Busy hands. As you press the phone to your ear and leave only one hand on the steering wheel, the risk of an emergency increases several times.
  • Taking your eyes off the road. Any manipulation of the phone requires at least a look at it. Have a look or dial a number, answer or reject a call, send a message. Every time you do it, you lose focus on the road and what is worse those few seconds can become really crucial for your safety.

Voice control, headset and Hands free feature significantly reduce the risk. However, they do not reduce them to zero. In addition, the headset can fall out, the wires get tangled up. So, you still have to get distracted. If you have to have the telephone conversation, try to reduce all risks and unnecessary movements in advance. For example, use handsfree. Preferably,  park in a safe place, settle your business and move on.

Is music behind the wheel a friend or foe?

Unlike phone calls, music has certain advantages. It helps the driver not to fall asleep and be more concentrated on the road. Definitely, you should do everything wisely and not turn the volume too loud. Scientists have proven the influence of music on the driver’s psychological condition. However, it is not the last criteria  that determines the manner of driving.

Classical music increases concentration and eyesight attention. It calms down, especially if you stay in traffic jams for too long time. Also, it reduces irritation. That fact was also proven by scientists.

Rhythmic music helps you not to fall asleep. It helps your heart to beat faster. Nevertheless, you should not listen to it for too long. It may result in losing attention span, brain activity and increases  the level of your aggression. Be more attentive with such musical genres as rock, hip-hop, and metal.

If you want to get the maximum benefit from music, do not turn up the volume too much. It decreases your attention by up to 20-25 % and influences your  general feeling.  Especially, it may cause significant bad influence on your eyes that might be crucially important while driving.

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