Aggression among car drivers on the roads happens practically every day. Among them, the most common ones are unwillingness to follow the rules, greed, and insults. Unfortunately, everyone can face them from time to time. But the road is not a ring or a platform for personal fights. How to protect yourself from aggression? Let’s try to understand!

What is the Root of the Evil?

The modern rhythm of life dictates its conditions. Every day we try to come everywhere on time, we hurry up although there is sometimes no need to do it. This leads to constant stress, irritation, and loss of self-control. Often, because of this reason, drivers drive on the red light, cut, and overtake on turns. Everyone tries to be taller, stronger, and faster.

Others just try to assert themselves on the road. They want to be better than others. For these reasons, they choose to drive high-speed sports or off-road vehicles, which cannot be justified.  They are also the cause of the driving style that is formed under the influence of such types of cars.

How to Take Necessary Safety Measures in Advance?

With driving experience and practice, you will learn to visually identify aggressors long before the conflict. If the driver is racing at high speed, unsystematically and chaotically rebuilds back and forth, overtakes all passing cars, does not keep the distance, spontaneously changes lanes then you should definitely stay away from such drivers.

If you see that a driver starts abruptly at traffic lights and brakes just as sharply at crossings, wedged into crowded rows, without letting other drivers pass by, not using turn signals, flashing headlights or beeps too often,  all this shows that it is better not to approach such the driver.

If you yourself happened to cut or overtake someone, try to neutralize the situation. For example, flashing emergency lights is a kind of gesture of apology among car drivers.

How to Protect Yourself if the Conflict has Happened?

It is highly recommended not to get out of the car. If an unpleasant conversation cannot be avoided, lead it only slightly by opening the window. Do not provoke the aggressor with appropriate aggression. Be friendly, but firm and confident. This can initially prevent conflict.

If an aggressive driver tries to push you to the side, cuts you, overtakes you, or presses hard on the brakes, he is creating a potential emergency. This is clearly regulated by traffic rules, but then you will need evidence: eyewitness or patrol testimony or photo and video recording. That is why we recommend using a DVR that will automatically record the problem. This data can be used even in court.

In world practice, there is a law according to which the driver is responsible for any dangerous emotional maneuvers. For example, for dangerous rapprochement. All this is prescribed by law and it is enough for the victim to call the appropriate phone number. Let’s hope that one day such a scheme will start working in Ukraine!

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