Millions of fans  watch football matches on the edge of their seats. Ukraine is not an exception, and the Ukrainian Premier League is constantly evolving along with all its infrastructure. Great stadiums have appeared for the last ten years. Some of them were built before Euro 2012, and others are the ones that appeared in the Soviet times but were renewed later on. Large concerts and other large-scale events are held at the same stadiums. We are talking about the best stadiums of Ukraine!

  1. National Sports Complex “Olympic”

During Euro 2012, the Kyiv stadium was the main and largest arena. Its capacity is over 70 thousand people. Long time ago it was  the old Red Stadium, built in 1923 but  radically remodeled in 1936. At that time, the opening of the site did not take place, because the Great Patriotic War began. The capacity of the stadium named after Khrushchev was 50,000 people.

Since then, the stadium has been reconstructed several times, and in 1996 was renamed from “Republican” to “Olympic”. Before Euro 2012, it was completely upgraded to UEFA standards. Now there are home matches of the national team of Ukraine, matches of Kyiv “Dynamo”, big concerts and festivals.

  1. Regional sports complex “Metalist”

Kharkiv’s Metalist, with a capacity of just over 40,000 people, was also modernized for Euro 2012. Although in fact it is much older and is considered to be one of the oldest in Ukraine. Construction began in 1925, at a time when Kharkiv was the capital. Earlier, the Holy Spirit Cemetery was located on this place. Initially, there was only one tribune for 5,000 people, but repeated reconstructions have paid off. The arena received its current name in 1966, and uses it till nowadays.

  1. Arena Lviv Stadium

Lviv Stadium seats almost 35,000 people, which is a record for Western Ukraine. It is located in the heart of the city, and the official opening took place in October 2011. Initially, it was planned to name the arena “Lemberg”, but the name was not appreciated among the townspeople. The territory is fully equipped according to modern standards. It has got parking, food court and other amenities. Arena Lviv is the home stadium of the Ruh team.

  1. Chornomorets Stadium

Odessa Arena seats more than 34,000 people, and is the largest stadium in southern Ukraine. Its construction also began in 1925, but the opening took place only 11 years later. Over the years, “Chornomorets” has changed its name 7 times. Now there is a museum of the history of the local  team that has got the same name. Although Odessa was also preparing for Euro 2012, it was excluded from the UEFA list at the last minute.

  1. Dnipro-Arena Stadium

The Dnipro Stadium seats more than 31,000 spectators and was opened in 2008. This is the home arena of the football club “Dnipro-1”, and until 2019  the football club “Dnipro”. As in Kharkiv, there used to be a cemetery on the site of the future stadium, where the nobility of the Ekaterinoslav was buried. But in 1939 the official opening of the arena “Steel” took place. Due to problems with management and property rights, in the 80’s its territory became a clothes market. But in the early 2000s, the management of FC Dnipro announced plans to build a new modern stadium on the site of the old one. The old one, known as Metallurg at that time, was dismantled in 2005.

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