Road quality is the question that every driver is always interested in. But where in the world is the best quality of roads? Which countries can boast a truly flawless road coverage? Here is the answer!

  • The Netherlands. Although the terrain of this country is almost flat, the construction of roads here is also a problem. This is all due to the large number of bridges and rivers. But the designers managed to solve the problem, even for simple single-lane minor routes. By the way, there are no fees for highways in the Netherlands.
  • Finland. Despite its difficult climate and  swampy soil, Finland still has high quality roads. Not only public utilities but also private companies take care of them here. Special technology is used for construction and is only handled by experts with a whole range of inspections and measurements.
  • Oman. Ideal road coverage is done under the strict supervision of foreign observers. A huge amount of money is invested annually in the transportation network in Oman. Not only the state but also oil magnates are involved in the process.
  • Switzerland. Local roads are notable not only for quality coverage, but also for a wide network of numerous complex interchanges. You can easily reach the most remote corners and slopes of the Alpine mountains. But highways are not free of charge.
  • Austria. The difficult terrain did not affect the quality of road network. Roads in villages are not worse than the city highways and difficult dangerous areas.
  • Germany. Even the old German roads are known throughout the world for their quality. This is due to the fact that they were thoroughly built by taking into account the weight and capacity of military equipment. Therefore, modern cars for local routes are like sand grains.
  • Portugal. There is a transport system that consists of usual roads and highways, but they are all impeccable. Taking into consideration that there are just a few main roads in the country and all the rest are secondary. The expert team checks the construction and repair work on the roads.
  • Singapore. Here is one of the most modern, complex and extensive road network, because it was recently build and the government invested a huge amount of money into it. The roads there cover around 12% of the whole country and are organized the way so as to avoid traffic jams. Lighting, placement, information screens make the life of drivers much easier.
  • France. France is famous for the interesting division of roads into classes, each of which has its own features and types of coverage. There are over a million kilometers of roads here and the quality of which help them to remain in the list of the top countries with the best roads.
  • UAE. The emirates, according to the words of the experts, is the country with the best roads in the world. All highways have at least three lanes each way, potentially hazardous areas are enclosed by dividers, and layout is as comfortable and safe as it is just possible for drivers.

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