When buying a car, its owners are really concerned with how to protect it from breaking or stealing. No wonder, since it is an incredibly valuable thing to let it be stolen by thieves. Moreover, nowadays there are plenty of different security systems that will help to minimize the risk of its happening, once they are installed.

One of them is the car alarm. It is not only passive protection of the car, but also it has got quite practical active functions. For example, it turns on sound alerts at the right time, silences the engine after the abduction, starts warming up the car in winter. The most up-to-date models interact with all internal electronics, are equipped with sophisticated encryption and controlled via radio or GSM module.

One -Way Car Alarm System

This is the simplest and most affordable type of alarms. Its task is extremely simple that is to enable alarms when trying to break. It includes sound notification and lights.

In standard mode, one-way alarms operate on the principle of on-off. The driver controls it from a simple two-button keychain. This is a good option for budget cars. One major drawback is that it is very easy to break these alarms by intercepting and decrypting the signal.

Two-Way Car Alarm System

Two way alarm is more effective than one way. Not only does it receive signals from the driver’s remote control, it also sends alarms or service alerts to the owner. It clearly states what is happening to the car: an attempt to open a door, broken glass, a trunk or bonnet.

Similar to the one-sided alarm, the two-way alarm triggers a beep alert. It can remotely start or shut down the engine. For the convenience, the key-chain is equipped with a mini-display with all the basic information and indicators. Encryption technology in this alarm is also much better, but it will cost more.

Satellite or GSM Alarm System

It is the most modern electronic equipment, but at the same time the most expensive one. This alarm system has many additional features. It can send an alarm at any distance and to several members of your family or security organization. This is done through satellite communication.

At the heart of the device there is a GSM module that allows you to specify different scenarios for user behavior. All alerts and messages come to a mobile phone or tablet with a special app installed.

The system consists of several sensors. Even if the car has already been stolen, it will determine its location. You can also mute or start the engine, lock the doors, and take other actions. For expensive cars, this is the best and most efficient option.

How to Choose a Car Alarm?

When choosing any alarm system, pay attention not only to the functionality, but also to the radius of the feedback. Choose stable systems that are resistant to breakage. But keep in mind that even the best alarms are prevention and warning and not personal security. Leave cars only in safe locations and protected parking areas.

And if you do not want to worry about the configuration or technical condition of the car, you can always rent a car. Contact us for this! In the Ukr-Prokat fleet you will find models and brands for any task and with any equipment in Kharkiv!

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